Presentation on Rope Worms by Alex Volinsky

The following is the second conference presentation about Rope Worms by Alex Volinksy, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of South Florida. He’s not a medical professional, but is currently the leader in the study of rope worms in North America, based on his personal experience in recovering from many ailments after expelling rope worms.



Rope Worm Lecture by Dr. Gubarev Translated to English

Dr. Alex Volinksy translates from Russian a lecture by Dr. Gubarev on Rope Worms.

Dr. Alex Volinksy is one of the main voices in the United States for the study of rope worms. Dr. Nikolay Gubarev discovered a previously unknown phenomenon that he termed as funis vermis or what we have come to know as “rope worms”. He has been awarded three patents for removing rope worms in Russia.

Read Dr. Gubarev’s papers on rope worms below:

Read Dr. Volinsky’s paper on rope worms below:

Alex Volinsky Wellness Warriors Radio Interview May 1 2014

Nutritionist and fitness trainer Diane Kazer suffers from rope worms herself and with her collegue Darren McDuffie interviews Alex Volinsky about this topic.  One of the themes of the interview is that there is still very little known about this phenomenon, and that eliminating rope worms without treating an underlying imbalance in the body will not resolve anything.

New Interview with Alex Volinsky on Extreme Health Radio

Alex Volinsky The folks at Extreme Health Radio recently interviewed Professor Alex Volinsky who talks about how he used special enemas to expel rope worms and lost over 80 lbs in the process.

Alex Volinksy is an Associate Professor in the  Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Florida. He discovered rope worms in his body and as a scientist asks many important questions about this phenomenon which seems to affect many people.



Radio Interview with Alex Volinsky

2 hour radio interview: very informative:

Professor Alex A. Volinsky, Ph.D – Rope Worms: Could Your Chronic Ailments Be Coming From Them Living In Your Intestinal Tract? – October 29, 2013