Andreas Kalcker Talks About Worms and Autism – “It’s a Hunting Game”

My colon irrigationist, upon seeing hard black rocks come out of me, asked me what I was doing to dehydrate myself. Was I taking some herb that takes the moisture out of my body?

I said, no, nothing. But interestingly Kalcker says constipation is caused by inflamation and that the excrement from intestinal worms causes inflamation.

He also says the worms cause leaky gut syndrome; in that they create perforations when they attach to the intestinal lining. Leaky gut syndrome would explain why I bloat up within 10 minutes of eating most foods. Food goes where it is not supposed to, causing inflamation.

I am even more sure I am on the right track about my problem.

He says to use a cocktail of different methods to eliminate  the worms as they are very resilient on our continent due to chemicals introduced into our foods to make them have the longest shelf life possible (“antioxidants” in processed food), and due to pesticides.

Methods he alludes to

  • medication: mebandazole, albendazole only as last resort if you know you have a systemic infection as it toxic and unlike mebandazole, it is absorbed
  • castor oil: to be taken orally — will cause a clear out of the intestinal track. Is not absorbed.
  • enemas: for the other end
  • MMS
  • zappers

He is not clear on whether the kids are excreting ascaris roundworms or something else. However children have been excreting 90 cm long worms and ascaris is not known to grow that long.

He mentions a three year old child having these worms; hence it doesn’t take decades for these worms to grow as some people believe.

I am going to try ingesting castor oil because I suspect there is a problem much higher up than my colon; and the enemas are not reaching that far. There is no way the food I consume that causes immediate bloating is reaching my colon in a few minutes.






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