Many Questions, Not Many Answers

A great article has been just been published by the “Better Health Guy” on speculations about the Rope Worm, including all that is known about the DNA of this thing.

Read it here.

One speculation is that rope worms seem to be observed more in people that have done fasting, and hence rope worms may be the lymphatic system dumping toxins into the bowel. However I never did any fasting at all, just a lemon/olive oil liver flush about a month before.

So I doubt it’s lymphatic material.


Oh it would be scary indeed if these things are swimming around inside me! I do often feel little movements in my abdomen while I lie in bed, and struggle not to think of the “jet propulsion” … it must just be gas bubbles .. it must just be gas bubbles … I tell myself.

I do note that tapeworm eggs appear to look like sesame seeds, and that sesame seed-like objects have been observed alongside ropeworms in the papers by Volinsky, as well as by myself. Hence I also consider that the rope worm is perhaps a special kind of tape worm that does not show segments.

What do you think?