Worm Whisperer Talks Parasites, Vaccines and the Autism Connection

One Radio Network interviews Robin Goffe, the ‘Worm Whisperer,’ about her autistic son. To address her son’s increasing aggressiveness that started after puberty, she started him on Kerri Rivera’s parasite protocol. He eventually expelled over 160 feet of parasites totaling about 35 pounds!

Robin warns of a “Tsunami” of illness in children that is coming due to high pollution rates and overindulgence in antibiotics and vaccinations.

Lyme Disease Sufferer Discusses Ropeworms and Autism

This lyme disease and autisim sufferer shows a ropeworm he eliminated and shares his option on a relationship between ropeworms and autism.

He feels ropeworms contribute to autism by stealing nutrients from your food and excreting chemicals that poison your brain. He also feels that the effects of ropeworms on children can be worse than adults.

The video he refers to is below: