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25 Replies to “Contact”

        • also I found this , (its not in after enema , but I pulled it from my bowel), and the red inside that creature stomach is my blood , this rope worm is have “sucked mouth attached in bowel lining).
          But all the body structure is the as rope worm : mucus alot, and wrinkle/twisted body

          • I did parasite cleansing since April 2015 (after read the book of DR.Hulda Clark., and the parasite is look like what DR.Volinsky said about rope worm. Today is day 15 I do raw juice fasting and coffee enema, and stil parts of rope worm came out everyday….sometimes painfull in stomach, but I try not to do chewing the food in my mouth (ITS SO DIFFICULT this detoks)…because I want to eat meat,milk, and bread, but today is Day15 I do detoks not eating just fruit/veggie/ raw organic almond & pumpkin’s seed juice fasting

          • I’m Asean, not living at USA, but I love JUnk food from USA product : burger from big US company /pizza/fried chicken, bread …and My country has Branch manfacture from this Monsanto (or any name of Monsanto product)….and many people in my country doesn’t know about it, only some farmer who doesn’t have money to buy this Monsanto herbiside so they using organic manure. but I think the products from US is good and clean ….but now I faced alot problem and alot this crazy rope worm..Help please how to rid totally from this parasite… any drug praziquantel and everything not worked at all)….and My 5 doctors got angry to me, just did the standard MD protocol.

  1. the images show; little stones about the size of a healthy grain of sand, these odd sacs that range from clear / white to white to yellow in color, and images of ends of worms with what looks like these sacs crumpled up inside them.

    What are these sacs?

    Some times the worm comes out with the translucent sac stuck to it with geew, but most often not.

  2. hmm never seen anything like that before!

    To me the sacs look like the skins of grapes; have you been eating grapes by any chance? Or some other small fruit like that?

  3. No. No fruit, raisins or berries what so ever. I am on nutritional balancing protocol. I never use to eat grapes before iether. They are yellow in color – sometimes bright yellow. These come out with the slime. Sorry I posted in the wrong area. Does anyone know how to move my post to the correct area? I posted here because I could not add photos to my question “can you identify these” when I sent the question in an email on this contact page. I have tons more photos of these yellow sacs. Just wondering if anyone else is getting them or if I have another parasite to worry about yet I have not found it identified anywhere. So my only thought is that it is something else. Although…if you check the section here on about rope worm there is mention of these stones. I have had small white to yellow stones and these yellow ballons that are also inside the ropes themselves which leads me to believe it is possible the worm itself is producing this.

    • Julie-

      several months later i find your post here.
      I have studied Parasitology for almost 25 years now and the only things I can offer are:
      I am as baffled as you are.
      We are naive if we think that in 2014 every form of life has been discovered.
      The only thing I have ever seen that might even slightly resemble those objects are Liver stones [and there are many varieties of them.]

      Have you nay other feedback since May when you posted these?
      professional regards,


    • I get these sac/balloons too. I have no idea what they are and haven’t been able to find any answers either. Your pic is quite disturbing!! I also see white sesame seed looking things, actual size and firmness of sesame seeds. I have eliminated all possible foods, meds, and supps and I still see them.

  4. Are these rope worms? Please help me!!! This is cupped (extracted with a sucker-type thing) from my skin. Along with many more. I’m so exhausted and can’t do this anymore. Please help me if you can xx

  5. That looks more like a tapeworm to me, but I don’t know if they can come out of the skin.

    Sorry that you are suffering this horrible thing.

  6. Hello. Maybe i can help you…
    I had for many years very serious diagnoses of physicians received as multiple sclerosis, borreliosis, severe depression, severe pain throughout the body, extreme fatigue, severe infections. high fever! my right body half already showed signs of serious paralysis. heavy intestinal bleed over 30 months … it was a cruel life. today I feel very good and i lost many problems !!! life has me back 🙂 I visit many doctors and stayed often in hospital and have often wanted help for many years, but no doctor could help me. before 6 months I was back because of serious problems in the hospital and finally finally finally the doctors saw the worms. since this day I removed 5 liter worms out of my body!!! its unbeliveable. I make daily enema 3 times with coffee, apple vinegar, mms, salt. I’ve also taken various medications, but here now is my tip! with this method I very quickly get rope worm out of my body huge amounts. I drink every hour a glass carrots smoothie with 1 clove of garlic. 10 to 12 glasses per day. then the worm came very quickly. He is still there, I feel it, but it is less and less. my health improvements are dramatic! I feel very well today. I sleep almost since my child, my hair grow back thicker after and I am emotionally balanced again. my alleged illnesses have disappeared. I had just worms! I am now 30 years old and female. I was more than 15 years ill. the last 6 years I was extrem ill – near dead sometimes. there were just always the worms! The Rope Worm is very large! He is partially thicker than a big thumb. Use very very much Garlic! Eat it row every hour for longer time. and you have to take much of proviotic to change intestinal flora. The Rope Worm hates Garlic more then other things. Sorry for my english!!! Its not so good. But i hope i can help you 🙂 good luck.

    • Some people think it is no worm! that is not right! the doctors in hospital said it is definitly parasites but they dont know what it is. why they said that? because he moves!!! i saw that many times that he is living. but most time the worms are dead.

      Here you see dead Rope Worm. I have make over 1000 photos.

  7. At the end comes the mother worm. I know no other word for it. I suspect that it is very long and thick. The big worm appears to come at the very end. I have very much tried to remove it but only by hourly eating a piece of garlic the mother rope worm leaving my body. I do that now since 4 days and only after the garlic comes the big worm. otherwise I fast and do not eat anything. I have the suspicion that the worm eats everything what we eat people. In the last 4 days I have eliminated about 80 cm wire worm and a large quantity of worm mass. good luck

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