2 Replies to “Healthy Gut Summit Interview with Alex Volinsky on Rope Worms”

  1. Just wonder if the same kind but sort of ‘mini’ of these spiral looking mucus is possible to have in nose and nasal excharge?? If it is really related to unknown DNA forms, maybe best to contact Clifford Carnicom from his http://carnicominstitute.org/ who is investigating these ‘structures’.

  2. GMO’s (our food to ~75% when eating fast food) are ‘organisms’ which were ARTIFICIALLY generated through combination of bacterial, viral and plant genes, something what nature NEVER DID UNTIL PCR technique was introduced (performed partially at ~100deg C). The T-DNA gene introduced in most of GMO’s is a gene from cancer causing disease bacteria in plants. That T_DNA allows for introduction of ANY gene inbetween when introduced ‘randomly’ into the genome. If we eat HEALTHY plants, we would NEVER ended up with having that gene in our guts, since plants with agrotumefaciens are DEAD, in most cases!!!

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