Woman Cured of Ropeworms by Autism Protocol

Youtuber Joanie Hileman says that Autism Protocol (the Kalcker Parasite Protocol) cured her of ropeworms and related issues! On the protocol for 10 months, she says she is getting her health and her life back.


Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism - 2nd Edition
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In the seven months since the release of the first edition of this book, 22 more children have lost their autism diagnosis and returned to a state of health, for a total of 115 recovered children and counting. Hundreds more have lost ATEC points, as well as shown many ...
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Worm Whisperer Talks Parasites, Vaccines and the Autism Connection

One Radio Network interviews Robin Goffe, the ‘Worm Whisperer,’ about her autistic son. To address her son’s increasing aggressiveness that started after puberty, she started him on Kerri Rivera’s parasite protocol. He eventually expelled over 160 feet of parasites totaling about 35 pounds!

Robin warns of a “Tsunami” of illness in children that is coming due to high pollution rates and overindulgence in antibiotics and vaccinations.