Rope Worm Infection Symptoms

These are some symptoms reported by rope worm sufferers.

  • bloating
  • constipation
  • flatulence
  • frequent colds
  • coughing
  • radiculitis (inflammation of nerves)
  • headaches
  • chronic fatigue
  • weight gain or loss
  • food and other allergies
  • back pain
  • rashes
  • headaches
  • indigestion
  • hair loss

What are your symptoms?

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192 Replies to “Rope Worm Infection Symptoms”

  1. I have been in the medical field for 30 years. i have been collecting and preserving all the different stages for over a year ever since i had to stop working .. since myself and family have been failed by the medical comminity I knew the only thing i could do is research for my son to pass on to help others after my death….i have passed many of these ropeworms,, i have an autoimmune disease and was on supression therapy forr years until these things Hijacked my life to the point of no return,,, they are killing me at a alarming rate! …. my sx are : bloating, flatulence, coughing, radiculitis (inflammation of nerves,joint pain and rubberband like snap when i move too fast and detatch them, headaches, chronic fatigue,back pain, headaches, indigestion, hair loss, lack of concentration, insomnia,blurry vision, major skin rashes, (they are eating my right foot) they are causing severe sores all over my body and they are living in them weaving a basket like cover inside them snd they come out of my skin. they also come out my none and in my ears and throat. completely blocking my lasal passages and eating all the cartilage, sometimes i almost choke to death while throwing them up…… ETC> ETC>

    • Try tumeric, I made a paste with tumeric and oil put it on the sores with duct tape. I changed the bandages every 3 to 4 hours. It pulled thw worms out of my skin. I did this for about a week. I also take 2 tumeric caps once a day. So far so good.

      • for many years, I get a quart of crushed garlic twice a year, and eat an enormous tablespoon of it every morning until the jar is gone, about three weeks…
        it would be astonishing if I had
        a single parasite of any type.

      • Make sure u change bandages often because the adhesive is the feeding ground for aspergelious mold and is a major problem in hoapitals as a secondary infection after surgery and such.

    • Your symptoms exactly match those of people who are chronically exposed to water damaged buildings. Toxic mold exposure will totally trash your immune system, cause auto-immune illnesses, and allow parasites and pathogens to take you over. You may want to go read survivingmold dot com to see if you feel you fit the profile.

      • I agree. I have these rope worms too. I worked in a water damaged building ten years. When I came back to work, after a month long vacation, the building was under construction. I became anaphylactic and then very sick with bloating (my feet quadrupled in size), I had blisters and rashes, lost peripheral vision, got double vision and paralysis of my left eye, got mixed connective tissue disease, fibromyalgia, asthma, chronic pain and inflammatory syndrome, thyroid cancer, biliary dyskinesia, hyperhidrosis, headaches, bloating and abdominal pain and frequent sinusitis. Most recently I contracted Lyme. There was a responsible on the building an it did come back positive for aspergillus, which was not found outside of the building. I then contracted lyme and now am suffering from autonomic problems, the worst of which is profuse acute onset of heat in face followed by dripping sweat, hot and cold within moments. I am also heat and cold intolerant. I now have a compromised immune system with a very low IgG2. I use to have some good days but now I do not. I cannot loose weight even though I have become vegan. I have no energy. But I do have these rope worms. I recently started excreting them after a series of colon cleanses done with magnesium sulfate (the drinks). Also, after about two months of using glutathione, high doses of liposomal vitamin C and a tablespoon of coconut oil. The ones I excreted after the colon cleanse appeared to me to be just excrement that may have been lining the walls. They were expelled with a lot of gas. Last week I started another regimen of a compounded herb called artiminisin and also mimosa pudica. The reason I started this again (i used it to get rid of Lyme) was because I was having the bone aching and flu like symptoms, and rashes on my face and under my chin, as well as heat coming odd my upper thighs and abdomen. I thought maybe the Lyme was back but yesterday and today I’ve had strange cramps in the upper intestine.and strong urges to defecate multiple times a day. I noticed a putrid, nasty smell and looked in the toilet to find these mucous-looking rope-like things, but this time they were not dark brown but more clear, like mucous. I’m glad I found this site because I had no idea what.was happening to me. I still have the heat in my abdomen and lots of joint aching and pain. Last week I had a breakout of biopsy confirme herpes, which I have never had before. Water damaged buildings are killers! It has to do with the type of wallboard we use now in more modern buildings. It creates a toxic soup that wreaks havoc on the immune system. I recommend the book SURVIVING MOLD by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker.

        • Corrections:
          …there was a test (not responsible) done on the building…

          …a tbsp of coconut oil per day.

          …heat coming off (not odd) my abdomen…

          ….biosy confirmed herpes…

        • The Epstein Barr virus is part of the herpes family. Have the doctors checked you for that virus? My friend and I both have fibro and ebv. I have mold issue in my apartment. She used to have a mold problem until she recently moved. She’s been doing a ton of dieting fasting cleansing exercising and lost a ton of weight. She started a fast and then cleanse within the last few days and is now excreting these rope worms. We think fibro ebv and worms maybe all connected? Then even all of that connected to GMOs. I read that the GMOs we eat mix with our dna and produce these rope worms! Scary thought!!!! This is all so bizarre. I’m scared to find out if I also have them as her and I have the same symptoms more or less, which also sound like your symptoms….

        • I had many of the same issues and am currently doing the Gerson Theropy with much success. I feel better than I have in years.

          • What is the herein. I am addicted to Pepsi and smoking cogs and I have a hard time detoxing. Use to be alcoholic, one goof year. Then bit by spider allergic reaction, analysctoid reactions, stiffness, and fungal. Allergic to red meat. My quite blood count and red were done then bit have dropped. Sides and everything and spend. Never had allergies Before this. Whole body in havoc including mouth.

        • There seems to be 5 stages of ropeworm, with the 5th stage occurring between 30-40 years. The origins are organisms in GMO white bread. What people call wheat belly is actually ropeworm because the large ropeworm cause a distended abdomen. They are difficult to get rid of. So far the protocol for an adult is: to kill the organisms, take 1-400mg albendozole in the morning with breakfast and 1 in the evening with dinner for a minimum of 3 days, or up to 10 days. The length is determined by bowel movement evidence that they have been expelled. Then once a week the same 2 a day protocol for 2 months. Before nightime sleep, drink 2 Tablespoons of diatomaceous earth in a large glass, 16 oz, of water, for 2 months, to heal the intestines. For the same amount of and in the same days as the pills, drink psyllium husks mixed with water, 16 oz., with breakfast, lunch and dinner to help remove the dead organisms.

          • U should maybe edit and make sure u state food grade dio earth. Some may not know the difference. Just a suggestion. Very good comment. I threw mine up i lost 11lbs in one day after treating my candidia infection firat then taking paratex herbal parasite cleanse.

        • I probably have candidia to. I did. That was the how I did myself of rope worms first get rid of candidia it took two treatments i also attacked them prior using paratex order online. After the candidia was gone i already felt two hundred % better. Then i hit it hard with the paratex i threw up 11lbs of worms. I had to wind them around my hand to yank and tug them from their attatchment to my stomach lining. I filled up a half gallon of vomit and worms. My food was not digesting just putridying in my stomach because the hit ur liver too. I have still some small risidual problems that were created by them in the first place. I also keep on the paratex and also a probiotic supplement and two garlic pills. No return as of yet its been a month. My hands were covereed in blood and worms and it was scary their mouths are big. It was like a horror film. But i swear this will cure u. Get rid of the candidia thru ur doc then do rest herbal. Good luck

      • I have skin lesions as well. I recently took a MYCOTOXINS test. Came back positive for Gliotoxins, basically waste produced by aspergillus. I’ve been “sick” for 7 YEARS. I don’t know when I was infected or how. I’m sure I lived in water damaged buildings as a child, but our last home, a brand NEW home, had a leak in the wall in the master bath. Found out after 8 years living there. We moved in in 2005, along with 3 other families. They’ve ALL had at least one family member diagnosed with a rare, unheard of illness, including myself. I’m not just infected by Gliotoxins. Long story…
        I had a medical procedure in my sinus cavity in August 2012. Calcification had to be broken to complete the ‘ simple’ procedure. What was supposed to take less than 2 weeks to heal, took over 2 MONTHS. I haven’t healed right sense.
        My DNA has a novel genetic mutation. EVERY problem I’ve ever had, is listed under mold toxicity. RealTime Labs tests for MYCOTOXINS. Unfortunately it’s expensive, but in my case, TOTALLY worth it. I’ve been treading water a long time. My internist I should’ve been dead already. I just turned 38. He told me that at the age of 36.
        Water damaged buildings are VERY serious. Not just buildings though. That STUFF, is ADDED to our FOOD! The aspergillus fermentation process is used for preservation. In MANY products. “Citric acid” isn’t CITRIC unless specified. It’s a chemical compound.
        Read up on MYCOTOXINS. You’ll probably discover that it’s likely most of our health problems today, are caused by them.
        I’ve had to drop gluten, dairy, sugar (natural,real, and artificial, including honey and molasses), peanuts, fruit, seriously limited carbs/starches. SO many things irritate it and set it off. They FEED off sugar and anything that makes sugar.
        People make light of water damage, but once it’s there, it’s there FOREVER. The spores are there. You can find stories of people having water damage in a finished basement, behind the concrete, inside the drywall. They had ALL been diagnosed with CFS (me also, and most patients with CFS tested positive for MYCOTOXINS in one study), all tested positive for MYCOTOXINS.
        It’s a serious issue that needs addressing. I’ll be affected for the rest of my life. Always hypersensitive to molds. And I live in the worst location. We have a ton of humidity and drastic weather changes. And we did move. Unfortunately, our house now also has water damage. So… Treading water! I’m taking colloidal silver now, hoping for a miracle before I go to an infectious disease medical study school.
        Oh. Antifungal cream helps with the wounds, but don’t overuse it. It’ll burn your skin if you use it too long. Also works even better if you combine it with antibiotic ointment. Epsom salt baths or a mixture of 1/2 cup sea salt, 2 tbsp Botox, and 2 tbsp baking soda in a bath draws that nasty stuff out of the skin, and is very soothing.

    • Jenny, my heart goes out to you and your family! I have been struggling myself with (what appears) as the identical terrible illness for the past 3 years. The medical profession has more than let me down on several occasions. I have been humiliated, signed off as being mentally psychotic, and told by the CDC (Infection Control) that I was out of my mind and needed serious psychiatric help. Not once did any physician or specialist order stool samples. Nor was there any further investigation into my complaints. I have been living in my own personal nightmare! I pray that I will wake up one day and be my beautiful, stunning self again. Within 3 years I have transformed into somebody I can’t even recognize in the mirror. Looking at the distortion of my figure, the lesions from head to toe and shaving my head in order to save my life has been an incredible ordeal and I am disgusted! At times I know I am dying, and there is no one that seems to care. Besides my better half and my mother they are the only individuals that supported and stood by me. All others seem to stare and assume that I am a crack head or something to that effect. I have compiled hours upon hours of research, reading, learning and documenting my journey. When I came across your post, I answered yes, yes, yes to everything! I don’t understand the dispute the medical profession has to argue. When you have 2 or more complete strangers, that have never crossed paths, let alone spoke to one another, have the same complaints and symptoms, a person as myself has to wonder if being a drug addict is better. Of course not, I know, however, I too am completely mortified and embarrassed! I understand your pain and I understand being terrorized to no end. I have no life, I have no social calendar. This that has infected me has left me petrified and alone, afraid to even step outside my front door. I have what seems to be a bouquet of different parasitic worms and frankly, I am crushed! Your words spoke to me……..”Hijacking my life”. I couldn’t have described it better myself. For myself, I am experiencing ALL that you have generously described, and then some. I know you know what I mean. Some symptoms are too horrific to even share. I would like to thank you for your bravery! Because of your post, I am now sure, (like I was before), however even more so now that I know there are others out there experiencing the same dilemma as I. You have made me feel not so abandoned in this world. I thank you for that! Tonight I will be thinking of you and struggling the same. It takes more than strength and being a good trooper to get through this nightmare. It’s the calm before the storm that really makes me fearful.
      Wishing you some peace and happiness,

        • Yes.. That and a teaspoon of coconut oil. I just made my mom aware of what was going on and showed her what I literaly had to pull from my body(almost 5ft in length). My mother was born and raised in a 3rd world country. It’s very common to have worms. They have limited access to medical care. The treatment used is Castrol oil and ground coconut. 3 grasp pound coconut and 1teaspoon oil.

        • There is some research being done that they may not be a parasite but a new life form, they have no reproductive systems. Some r saying that it is a combination of fungal infections and lymph node excretions plus somes reaction to gmos. It makes sense to me since i had Candida as soon as that was treated, as well as taking a cleansing herbal remedy i actually threw up 11lbs of them. My stomach was that bloated, i looked like i was 8 months pregnant. What ever they r the cdc will do nothing. And the way things are going politically who know if we still will have a cdc.

      • I am also suffering from this parasites. I have 3 worms I can see embedded in my body. My arms are taped from top to bottom and if I go out I wear long sleeves even in the heat of summer. My legs are chewed upas well. When I read your article I finally had the knowledge I’ve been trying to tell others about. I’m itching as I write this. Spider Mites and Rope Worms. Who would think buying Strawberries from a small Organic farm would change my life. Two days ago I was about to eat one when I saw the worm close to the stem. I showed it to my husband and I finally felt vindicated. I’m praying tomorrow I receive help from the dermatologist. I’m unable to rest for I wake to feel the pinch and walking up my body. I could go on though I have many of the symptoms you’ve shared. Thank you for your courage.

      • i Nicole, I’m not crazy! My husband thinks I’m crazy, but i know what I feel. I had finally convinced one of my health care providers to order a stool sample and other tests, but they did not detect anything. That was about two years ago. The radiologist stated there was nothing there and the patient is “diluted”. I kept going back to the doctor’s, and a physician’s assistant told me that the sores on my body are consistent of those of meth users! I was disgusted at his reply to my results, and his complete lack of compassion. The only symptom I have not read about anybody having is;; my hair moves, and I feel things touching me on my body. I feel like Medusa. I just hope when I go see my gastroenterologist on Wednesday, that he will be more open mind than the quacks in the past. I wish all who suffer from this horrible parasite and other parasites, that we all get the treatment we all deserve. Thank you!

          • That is such BS. Fearing things we don’t understand is human, but it doesn’t mean it’s always the right response. Please educate yourself with peer reviewed legit info about GMOs & Roundup, & stop spreading misinformation.

          • You are the one misinformed, I’m afraid. GMOs are only PART of the problem. We are also being bombarded by chemicals being dropped into our atmosphere by airplanes (even commercial jets). Some people have investigated the material and found many strange things in this chemical spray, including dried blood. We are breathing this and whatever it is, it is definitely causing Morgellons. People with Morgellons will not be treated by a doctor. They don’t know about them. You have to find someone who is researching it. You can go online. Also, some integrative medicine clinics get peptide solutions underground that treat many of these disorders we are getting. The one I went to got its medicine from an underground manufacturer in Europe. It was introduced in the US and they had their lab destroyed. They were threatened and had to leave the country. You will even have a hard time finding a medical doctor that understands the destruction that water damaged buildings can cause.

          • You are the one misinformed, I’m afraid. GMOs are only PART of the problem. We are also being bombarded by chemicals being dropped into our atmosphere by airplanes (even commercial jets). Some people have investigated the material and found many strange things in this chemical spray, including dried blood. We are breathing this and whatever it is, it is definitely causing Morgellons. People with Morgellons will not be treated by a doctor. They don’t know about them. You have to find someone who is researching it. You can go online. Also, some integrative medicine clinics get peptide solutions underground that treat many of these disorders we are getting. The one I went to got its medicine from an underground manufacturer in Europe. It was introduced in the US and they had their lab destroyed. They were threatened and had to leave the country. You will even have a hard time finding a medical doctor that understands the destruction that water damaged buildings can cause.

        • My hair also moves! sometimes it will stand up from my head and other times I would swear it was moving up the back of my neck. I’m going through the same thing, with my husband not believing me and feeling like I must be crazy. That was until I started reading posts on this site. I have stopped looking for an answer from the medical community because of their failure to believe anything is really happening in my body. I have lost all of the cartilage in my nose, been hospitalized several times with abdominal obstruction, last month needed 2 units of blood because of anemia. I’ve blacked out several times, once while driving my car. By the grace of God I didn’t hit anything but a tree, breaking my leg. I too don’t recognize my now deformed body. I wish you the best in your search for an answer. And I will continue to search for the answer to what has taken over my body.

          • I have the same symptoms and I am not crazy. I’ve done everything. I eat great, take supplements, and exercise. My body drastically changed over night. It has taken my life 🙁

          • Hey, you might have intestinal parasites which have depleted you of important nutrients. What you need to do ASAP is to order a blood test to check how’s your vitamin B12, Folic Acid, vitamin D,electrolytes and Immunoglobulin E (IgE).

            Low levels of B12 will cause, formication (sensation of insects crawling under skin) also pins and needles in your hands and feet and if untreated you will start neurological symptoms including hallucinations and dementia-like neuronal degeneration.
            It’s standard to check for B12 in tests if your doctor refuses just go to another doctor and simply say you’re very fatigued and that you have had testes low for B12 before and you’d like a test.
            If they refuse just have your tests privately done by an independent laboratory.

            Make sure to test for Immunoglobulin E to, here is why:

            Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is an antibody that is produced by the body’s immune system in response to a perceived threat. It is one of five classes of immunoglobulins and is normally present in the blood in very small amounts. IgE is associated with allergic responses, including asthma, and to a lesser degree with immunity to parasites. (For more, see the “What is being tested?” section.)
            Sometimes an IgE may be ordered as a screening test when a person has persistent diarrhea that may be due to a parasitic infection. In addition, a complete blood count (CBC) with white blood cell differential may be ordered to determine if the number of eosinophils is increased.

            So get that test, make sure your B12 is ok and that you don’t have raised numbers of eosinophils.

            You can start taking high potency B supplements, and a multivitamin, they won’t arm you either way. Also try coffee or and garlic enema once a week, you’ll feel better guaranteed.

            Good luck!!!

          • I read your post with amazement. You could be describing me and my symptoms word for word. Down to blacking out and hitting a tree resulting in a broken leg. I have hair moving as I type this. It is incredible to me that there are so many off us out here being made to feel like mental cases and scorned by the medical profession. I am frequently suicidal and have tried several times in desperation. My torso has gone from 5’7″ to 5′ and my back is so bent that when I walk (with my walker) I can’t raise my head to see ahead of me. My disbelieving
            husband infuriates me. I read him your post and asked “how can we have identical symptoms?” He shrugs and says thats “curious”. Sorry to rage on, but I am so angry about this I could scream, and do! I try others suggestions for relief and try some of my own. I am 71 and wouldn’t mind going to sleep and not waking up. Difficult, since sleep is impossible. Know that you’re not alone and not crazy. Bless you in your search for relief.

        • I have all of these symptoms and sores on my legs and face now. It’s embarasding. I had a girl come up to me and say “yeah I used to shoot up too girl, you need to stop”. I didn’t understand what she was talking about until she pointed to the sores. Been dumped twice because I guess the guys I was dating thought there was something wrong with me or that I was on drugs or something because of them. And then I figured out maybe it was more gallons but reading this I think this sounds more like it

          • Oh and for 12 years worked in a mold infested office. We did mold kits and everything call the health department the EPA all kinds of places they wouldn’t do anything about it so here I am. B

        • I began to get really sick in sept. 2015 and I am still deathly sick and not a chance of getting better unless someone helps me. I vomit and run fevers…so dizzy I cant stand alone without blacking out or passing out. I only poop every two weeks. I’ve lost 78 lbs and my hair fell out. its growing back slowly but it too moves on its own and shoots webs at me and breaks off and feels like electric currents and these fucking evil worms ate my cornea and Im now blind in my left eye and have to have it removed and replaced with a fake eyeball. and theyve taken over my right eye too and my face and nose and throat and ears and scalp and brain and theyve run every test possible with no diagnosis and i took pics of the worms and then i started saving the worms from my eyes nose and throat but the dr.’s wouldnt even look at any of my proof. saying I need psychiatric care. wont even look at my proof yet play god holding my life and health hostage without even checking dammit. i’m at the point that if they dont give me the antiparisitic meds or do something so i can live again then i may as well end it becausde im not living now. i wake up dying everyday and have no quality. i swear i have over two hundred worms come out of my eyes nose and throat at the very least everyday and i’ve lost one eye and losing the other soon if they keep eating away at it….i cant get up alone so ive been in bed either at home or the hospital since last september . i havent even been to a gas station cause im a fall risk and cant drive as i cant see and to go pubblic places is hard when i puke every ten nins and then pass out. i cant do this anymore. can anybody help me figure out a way to get the meds or a dr. to help me? i cant work now so im broke and cant see a parasitologist. help help help… not ready to die but i cant do this much longer. my number is…810-308-5269. please help me before i have to die.

          • All of these sound like my symptoms I’ve had chronic disabling pain for over 20 years. Told I had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and nothing could be done. But i got far worse after pregnancy in mold infested building 5 years ago. My son ended up with autism as a result.
            I know I have both morgellons (hair moves on its own and moving fibers are in my skin and all over my house). I actually have a video of a demodex mite (well at least they are some kind of mite that lives on humans – I have many “samples” of them and dermatologist did scraping and confirmed demodex) that literally gave birth to these moving fibers. So creepy.
            I also recently found out I have a terrible case of Ascariasis round worms AND have now been passing rope worms a few feet long.

            But the point of my post is that there IS HOPE!!! Chlorine Dioxide (CD)! Aka MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution. Orally and in enemas. This is the only thing that can both kill morgellons and intestinal worms…any bacteria (I also have Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia) any virus…CD kills anything pathological in your body. It is saving my life. Please do some research on it (and don’t buy the bigpharma propaganda bullshit out there claiming it to be dangerous. When uses right it is not!)
            You may also want to check out Mel is a great guy and he will help you through this. Many have recovered using his protocol.
            I also use Kalckler protocol and Kerri Riveras book, healing the symptoms known as autism. This is how I am slowly ridding myself of worms.
            Also, you don’t have to get antiparasitic mess from idiot MDs. Order online en from Canadian pharmacies. They are cheap and you don’t need a script. But make sure to do enemas or the resulting toxicity from die can overload your body and make you sicker. Get ivermectin, and either albendozole or mebendozole. But be super careful with albendozole. tanked my immune system and is a very strong drug. But I wasn’t doing daily enemas. For ivermectin and mebendozole You can take 7 days on and 7 off for at least 3 months. But I would DEFINITELY also do CD!!!!!! Orally and enema. But follow Kerri Rivera dosing guidelines (and enema instructions) and also be sure to build oral dose very slowly. Start with 1 drop per day. Add 1 drop each consecutive day. Stop if you develop problems. 15-20 drops a day is goal…but I seem to only be able to get to 15. Be easy with yourself.look all of this up. Healing is happening and is possible! Blessings and sending healing and love to you all. I hope this helps someone.

          • Fenbendazole. It is for dogs, horses, etc. Testings have found it almost impossible to overdose on with very few, if any, side effects. You can get it cheap at a local feed store, pet supply store, or online. I bought the equine 10% fenbendazole paste from my local feed store and I use it topically on lesions (helps A LOT!) and I also put a drop about the size of 2 peas on my finger and take orally. It doesn’t taste bad at all. Drink LOTS of water, lemon water, and/or cranberry juice all day everyday. A milk thistle supplement would also be a very good idea to help your liver detox all of the poison that’s going to be in your body when these suckers die off. The first time I did this I didn’t feel anything for something like 6 hours, then all of the sudden I felt like I needed to have diarrhea (a bit of abdominal cramping, but nothing major and totally worth it!). Went to the bathroom and passed what looked like long mucousy worm remnants. Then I immediately started itching BAD head to toe. Got in the shower with warm (but not hot) water and lathered head to toe with dawn dish soap. I scrubbed pretty hard with a loofah to remove anything attached to my skin/scalp (99% certain i have bird or rat mites that have been the root cause of all of my internal parasitic issues). Stood there and let the dawn set while I downed a bottle of water and a bottle of 100% cranberry juice (make sure you find 100% cranberry juice, anything else is just cranberry flavored sugar water). I then rinsed off and put my normal conditioner in my hat and rinsed that. I got out of the shower, towel dried scrubbing my skin kind of hard with the towel, got dressed, and dried my hair COMPLETELY with a hair dryer. I now do this every night for 4 nights then break for 4 nights, repeating this cycle. The first night I slept like a baby and woke up feeling 75-80% better and keep feeling better every day. Also, right before my shower when I was intensely itching, I looked in the mirror and could see things coming out of my lesions. Then lesions started disappearing before my very eyes! They were all over my face before the fenbendazole, the next morning you could barely see 2 or 3 of them and the rest were just barely there scars. Don’t do too much too soon, build up your dosage because those things dying will release tons of toxins into your body and you don’t want to overwhelm your system so much that it can’t handle ridding the toxins. I’m telling you, I tried EVERYTHING. I went broke spending tens of thousands of dollars on every remedy I could find through my researching and this is the ONLY thing that has helped. Good luck to you!!

          • Been going thru this first and year..have rope worms taking over clothes..can actually see them in the threads .When I wear them wherever there is a bill on the loose threads..I end up with a sore.This is afyet hours of soaking and drying in every thing u can but for cleaning and then some.I believe it’s airborne.I spray lysol and next thing I know I have yellow dried looking worms all over everything. Where I stand is oily 4 oyt of 7 days a week..The lesions go from my head to my toes and have lost 65 %of hair from sores that are fluid filled.The rest of hsir that remains is black inside of scalp and oily.It also moves trying to dump these hell worms in my face.i have 1000s of pics and closest I came to was a cheyletidae mite but it’s minus the one long piece that curls around itself when 1st entering skin…it then proceeds to climb over my body leaving broken veins thru out…they like to meet up with a fellow in other parts of body and begin a new highway of ripping .I’m 46 and just had a baby in not planned. Pls don’t judge ..I dealt with this since Nov and come very v lose to losing us both in what they thought was proclampsia…of course I had protein in urine …I had parasites in organs..Veru high blood pressure..uh yeah..and swollen literally 3xs my size..I just found out that my message in my body is ropeworms and have all the symptoms all of u have..What I fear the most is. My 7 month old baby that breast fed b4 I knew this wasn’t pregnancy issues ..She’s showing signs of heavy gas..still up every 4 hrs feeding..on bottle now,,,and doesn’t sleep during day ..and very little at night.a few sores..God please bring me someon0put Tammy much give me answers on how to get rid of this night mare … please

          • What worked for me may not work for you, but you might as well try it. I take 100g mebendazole morning and evening, and two senna tablets every night. In the morning you have to go to the loo and should pass worms. At the start you might not pass any, but the more you do it the more will come out. You can get Mebendazole from the chemist without a prescription; ask for children’s threadworm treatment (1 tablet_ – but you will need at least three weeks supply so go to different chemists for different amounts. Good luck.


        • I also have the moving hairs and feel things that seem to be crawling…then nothing is there. It’s under the skin. I’ve had this for 6 years. I want to encourage you that you are not alone. Enemas have helped me greatly. I also eat a lot of anti-parasitic food and this is why I know the rope worm (or whatever this is) is some kind of parasite…it helps. Putting zinc oxide (40% walmart equate brand works) on the skin is great for taking away itching and also keeping the skin dry. Something from Markus products called, “Parasite Free” is really helpful to purge the system and another product of his is for toxin release. It’s called “Charconite.” I promise I do not work for them or have any affiliation. I just highly recommend his products from my own use.

        • I have the same symptoms as you I have actually caught a few and they are almost invisible blending In With your hair. Well blending in with whats left of my hair I have sores on my scalp. they are coming out of the sores. Because I have squeezed what looked like a pimple a white head was coming out but it went back inside the now scabbed over sore and another sore started on my cheek where I was literally pulling the transparent worm like thing out of it.they are in my ears I can never get them out completely only once did I actually get one out and as it fully came out it felt like it was warm and was latched on trying to fight me from pulling it out they are in my but crack it feel like they are completely wrapped around my legs Down To my feet and she I look at my feet there long lines of what appears to be a home with burrowed lines behind the hole and when I start to push on it pushing everything towards the hole black specs come. Out of the holes like millions of tiny specs I have even soaked my feet in salt water when I did that I could literally feel the specs coming out of my feet. I too have been called crazy and delusional by my significant other. But I have yet to see my doctor for this due to my husband calling me crazy and delusional making this up for attention and he told his friend who also said I was delusional. its ruined my life. my children stay with their grandmother, because I dont want them to be ravaged by this monstrosity. I’ve never been delusional I have experimented with many drugs, but the only thing I indulge in is marijuana I live in Alaska. we don’t have many parasites here. we do have springtail mites hexapods colembolla wich are indigenous to Alaska they are found in soil but can turn parasitic. adapting to their environment looking for moisture its wich is what I thought it was but then these worm like things that I couldn’t see only feel became very noticeable started giving me bad head aches and horrible bumps on my scalp I’m in a state of panic because I dont know where to turn I can’t take another person saying in crazy thank your for your honesty I really needed to know I wasn’t loosing my mind … I am going to post a picture of of I caught and put I to a water bottle its a screen shit of a video of it moving

      • You said everything I was feeling very very well put doctors are assholes instead of listening to people they dismiss it chalk it up to something else

      • Let me guess, you live near Michigan. We have the lowest group of medical professionals in the United States. you never get the right diagnosis and when you go in for shoulder surgery, you come out with dialysis, Oh, and mam, you just happened to have an ulcer than blew, we had to stop the internal bleeding. If I knew the person better this happened to, she was brain washed by an Indian Doctor who even invited her to dinners. You see, the elderly think doctors are almost GOD. Lyme Disease is sucking the life out of many and all forms of parasites. Our government knows all about this I’m sure. It’s only the privileged that we will allow to live. This is population control with our money. We have to all fight back soon or we will be in the most communistic government of it’s time. This is our government and when the people we hire suck, it’s time to hire new one’s and fire the old. We need the ability to remove every agency and stop current employees from staying if it isn’t working. A model somewhat like Apple uses. Think tanks to get the job done or your out. People in the position we are paying for loose a sense of WORK, an start a sense of entitlement. WRONG

          • Iive in mich too!!! In flint of all places with contiminated water that i drank and bathed in for the entire five years it was dirty and i cant get anyone to believe me that i have parasites and fu gus and bacterial infectio s and fake fungus skin and hair and am dying. They dont want me to have a lawsuit is why they wont help me i know it. Im almost 100% blind now and am sicker than ever. Still no help. Ready to commit suicide. Have no one to help me or take care of me. Want god to end it or end me. Uugh

      • I echo everything that you said. I have been called a psychiactric case so often I’ve come to expect it. My own husband says he doesn’t believe me because he can’t “see” anything. I too have sores all over my body, severe hair loss, unbearable pain in different parts of my body, sleeplessness, and more. Some days I don’t recognize myself in the mirror. My nose is bent from loss of cartilage, my face is wrinkled and bloated, and my belly looks 9 mos pregnant some days not others. I can stop feeling so crazy and alone after reading this information. Thanks to all who shared in this post.

        • You are not alone. I kept calling it the fat disease when I’d blow up. I’ve had years of Lyme, mold, yeast,heavy metals, parasites…this is the fifth parasite my integrative found in the past 3 months. I’m hopeful the distention will finally stop. Prayers that you find answers and support.

        • I seem to have talented rope worms –they overtook strongymloides and now produce very pretty pictures REALLY –I have a cat a flower -a horse and many other items –loud noise and then a surprise –I have started to talk to them so I think they are laughing at me but we shall see — I hope they don’t undo the suction attachment from my veins inside and cause a blood issue —worry about that –wish I could find a dr who understood them —

        • I started using Nioxin cleanser and conditioner for my hair and it’s made all the difference. Please get some. Then, about 2 or 3 times a week, put essential oil on your scalp and sleep with a vinyl cap on your head to allow the oil to sit. I saw a huge turn around in my hair within 6 months. It’s looking natural again and growing back…not falling out. Get the Nioxin that works for your hair type. It took me 5 years to find the right combination of products…so my hair would stop falling out and being destroyed by this terrible crime against humanity. It might even be coming from the chemtrails being sprayed on us…or a combination of environmental factors. I pray, a lot, for everyone who suffers with this.

      • Ozone therapy will do amazing things for you. I have been struggling for 4 years and 2 emergency visits and all they did for me was try to prescribe me anxiety meds. After 1 session of ozone therapy I passed 2 foot long rope worms. I have tried diets and detoxes and have never seen such a thing pass from me. I felt a boost of energy the next day and I have honestly forgotten what that feels like. I am tired all the time. I just had my second session and so far I haven’t passed anything yet as of today. Please research ozone therapy and find someone in your area. I was diagnosed with low thyroid, hair loss, interstitial cystitis, disc degeneration, ibs, along with other autoimmune diseases because it becomes a domino effect; all before I even turned 30.

      • I too have been labeled crazy or drug addict hallucinating…leaving crying n in pain…horrible cramps in the stomach diarrhea horrible headaches skin changing no sleep joint pain in my feet I can barely even walk on them most days every bone in my body feels like somebody took a baseball bat every joint… Really looking for some help

      • Have you had a colonoscopy? Just go to your general practioner and say you have extreme pain in your lower left abdomen and saw blood in your poop. Don’t have to say anything else because it will make the doctor think you are making up symptoms in order to get meds, lab tests and screenings done. Many people come to see doctors due to fake symptoms which has caused doctors to overdiagnose psychiatric problems or malingering “lying”. A colonoscopy will find any parasites you have.

      • I am sufferring from the same hijackers and am so done fighting for help and being sent home to die that Im planning my death and getting things finalized to make it easier for my family. I am so sick I cant get out of bed most days. my hair falls out and as it begins to grow in it moves by itself evily and shoots weblike shit into my eyes nose and mouth. I pass out upon standing. I’ve dropped 83 lbs. they ate the cornea and iris in my left eye. working on my right. I wake up with a high fever and vonitting everyday. I cant poop but once or twice a month. I have 4 way vertigo. I have chronic uti and kidney infections. Im down to one lung. I feel them move in my head neck back legs and feet and mostly my face. I have rashes and sores. My feet ankles and calves are swollen with lumps and cellulitis and I lose feeling in my limbs for hours on end. I cant concentrate. I cant stay asleep and am awake so long I fall asleep sitting down. if I get a sore it never heals as this layer of fake skin closes over it and then peels off daily. I have been hospitalized numerous times and they find infection of an unknown origin and cant tgreat what they dont know as they dont know what to treat it with yet they wont at least try the albendazole and ivermectin that I know would save my life. so after 2 long debilitating years I am almost done getting things taken care of and will finally be free from this terriffying and scary as fuck painful and deathly sick diseaser and the worms will finally die. its sad that in order to not be deathly ill I have to kill myself. But I am cause I just cant take much longer of waking up this way. I havce zero good days now so Im gonna die anyhow. better to have it end quick that like it is now…slowly and tortorously. I hope you all have better luck than myself. Shauna Kapoor michigan

        • I feel the same get rid of the Candida. Which I am sure u have then hit ur body with PARATREX. I threw up 11lbs of worms almost chocked there were so many had to wrap them around my hand like yarn and then pull them off my insides there heads started to detach and blood was all over my hands with their huge heads I had disloged. The next day I pooped out dead ones and I think pieces of ones I had pulled off. Actually after the Candida or even during it use the PARATREX. I lost 11lbs after that. My stomach was no longer bloated or hurting. I wish u the best. I know how u feel I truly do I had the same problem with the skin after getting rid of the Candida which took two treatments tthe leasions on my skin healed. If u have any family to help u r lucky I had no one and still dont. Sending prayers ur way. And pray urself because I prayed to god to help me rid myself of them and he did.

      • I can relate to you.Your store is so true.I tried to get in at the cbc .My friend works at Eromy Hospial.I also worked at a hospital until I got sick with platnelminthes, flatworm, liverflukes,that cames from snails that fish eat.Never geared back from the cdc.I made copays of all records that was 300.00 Dallas though out the door.Mention Att:Molly Eaton. 404 686 2202.Never heard from her waiting. Been to 7 Er .we don’t deal with parasites. How I go a infectious Diseases counsultant.Hygva INFUSING. 1 time a week.It was 200.00 every INFUSING. Now my Inc. Want pay.If anyone can help .All I know to do is pure gum turpentine 3 drops on 3 cubs of sweet.I will keep you in my prayers sweetie.

      • I tried it and it didn’t seem to do a lot for me but I’ve been recently doing a lot of oils black cumin seed oil black walnut oil and about 5 others and I seem to be feeling a little bit better but the stores have it cleared up completely yet

    • Just wanted to say that I have experienced EXACTLY the things you mention and more (as have you I am certain). It is such a blessing to hear someone else say it… This has been horrific beyond imagination at times – at one point (when all this started back in 2008) I literally had these things popping out of my skin on to the floor. My GP and everyone else thought was crazy and wouldn’t even look at them – had some run up to a the local large animal vet and he verified under microscope that they were some type of worm, but he had never seen one before ( and he graduated with honors from Texas A&M and has been practicing in Texas for almost 40 years) – the bad thing is that was just disturbing – it was nothing compared to what would come on almost any given day in the future.

    • If you haven’t already, you need to find a good colon hydrotherapist. This is not a cure but instead a method to point out clues. The ultimate and most important reason for colonics is to clear out the toxins. Toxins from backed up fecal matter and toxins from the parasites. Because they excrete ammonia as waste it puts the body into a high state of acidity, in addition to toxins from backed up decal matter. High levels of acidity will result in extremely high levels of inflammation which is causing many of those systems. I’ve been battling rope worm and probably many other species of microscopic parasites and I had almost instant response with chronic joint, pain, back pain, and regression of acne ( never had skin problems ). Get your body cleaned out and then find a strict antiparasitic regiment. Also, some consider it pseudoscience but I believe it works, …Rike testing with studying frequencies of different organs. Reportedly you can diagnose, and treat with this technology and it has to do with energy flows similar to biofeedback. I’ve tried it for diagnosis purposes and have confirmed it was on track with things I already knew. I’ll be seeing a doctor who can help me read the responses correctly but super excited .

    • I have been observing this condition for any weaknesses. For all the symptoms I have. And the different reactions per human/host. I know that they seem to have been able to lower my white cells to an acceptable( from doctor)level. So now that im fourty-one, they are ore me than I am. I took hydroxycut original, quick release tablets. I was able too lose hundred pounds in less than six months. But I felt sicker. Severe burning and sometimes Ivey cascading down a muscle I’ve just used roughly. Causeing the roadworks to die. It seems they succreet a chemical to hurt me until I stopped hurting them. I know that they are the source of the RESISTANCE. The reason I was called lazy by family. The resistance feels like I have lead filled legs. There has always been great distress for me to shower. I can’t even wash my face because it itches and breaks out in unpoppable zits. Those zits are the foot that the creatures put in under my skin so they can be anchored at one end and free flowing at the other. They move like a flow of water with itching and tingling happening.if I do manage to pop the solid white thing in the center, it’s juices burst out and everywhere that stuff touches me n broken skin, becomes acid burning feelings andbtyenna few hours later the whole sore looks huge angry red and clear passing turns Brown. Also they smell bad. When I realized my irritable Howells were actually these things dying. But even though I’ve tried today find cheap ways to kill them. Each time the “cure” I. Was trying worked great for three weeks only.then these little bastards would start Winning again only now there was ten times the amount of air tubes.if u could block them from breathing, the thingy stays in place. It turns hard where it’s body is laying. The hydroxycut hard core almost killed me because it killed many of the roadworks off. When they go they hurt. Burning every where. A web like rash soon showed me where they we’re starting to die. But once again they overcame the pills effects. They are blue under the skin. There is a strong smell of chemicals emergency dating from my open wounds. The wounds take considerably longer to heal. Like they keeps it open to breath through the two tiny tubes that they pierce through from the inside to the outside of the wounds. Then after it’s healed it there is left, a tag of what looks like dried skin. It has tubes for breathing while safe inside my body. If I tear the tag off. One; it hurts insanely. Two; there will be much pain if I attempt to withdraw live ones. But dead ones hurt before, then burned then with dry-like wise I could slowly kill it and pull on it as it sticks to the ice. I never feel good when they are dying. In fact I have had a couple of closevcalls with death because too many field at once. Then I black out and when someone asks me questions that I’m have to think about, I return to my senses. Don’t let anyone tell you that they can’t control minds. They put us under a “spell” of ignorance. Questioning is the only way to wake up. Then I feel weird. Tingling yet aching returns and I drink my baking soda water witch has been perfect for slowly killing them till there numbers are lower and I can get out of bed and clean my house after just a day or two of drinking baking soda water.

    • I will be there with you soon.
      Is everything you own infected?
      I rented a car and continue to do so . I won’t return itv,it may infect someone’s. icant sleep.
      I don’t feel I am going to win th8s battle.
      Why won’t anyone help us?
      Ate “they “weeding out the weak?
      The only [email protected] ng any of us can do is,
      Try to strengthen immune system.
      Feels like chemical warfare!
      What cN we do?
      Protests! !!
      I want to live.

    • I went to our county health dept. And had 3 parasite tests done. And they told me it was just toilet paper. That’s rubbish. I was diagnosed with renal kidney cancer 4 years ago. I have a clear muscus come out of my bum or v-Jay Jay when I bath. Tried the. Crushed lemon seeds and rice vinegar
      Don’t know what to do??? Can’t breath got mucus looking stuff comes out of my nose I all so can’t breath.

    • I went to our county health dept. And had 3 parasite tests done. And they told me it was just toilet paper. That’s rubbish. I was diagnosed with renal kidney cancer 4 years ago. I have a clear muscus come out of my bum or v-Jay Jay when I bath. Tried the. Crushed lemon seeds and rice vinegar
      Don’t know what to do??? Can’t breath got mucus looking stuff comes out of my nose I all so can’t breath. I have copd ,acid reflex bad pain under ribs 8,9 by my left breast, so pain full can’t wear a bra or even lay on that side. What medically does a person get these worms? Are they different from pin worms? My systems are a lot of the same as a lot of you folks. Unexplained sores on face, arms and legs and chest. Please reply to my comment

    • I know what I have I have the proof of photos of my own rope worm in all the different stahes and I show them to my dr. And they say its an internet disease. Just like morgellions. When and what will wake these doctors up? Are we to be lied to by them is that it? Do they know aboit it already and wont admit it? Like cigarette being linked to cancer? How can we form some alliance and get thrm to admit? I called the cdc ans they said they have never heard of them or their symptoms from anyone. I dont believe it.

      • Yes exactly especially if u are on go ernment assistance. U r no longer viable to corporate America. U suck up money and they are killing us off because of it. Read the book DOCTORED THE DISILLUSIONMENT OF THE AMERICAN PHYSICIAN. and that is just the tip of the iceburg. He only talks mostly about drs refusing to treat smokers the obese and drinkers.

    • We have to get answers, medical treatment along with respect from the medical community, pest control companies and the CDC!..we have been waiting long enough, we should not have to wait any longer! I feel exactly as you do ! Exactly. Who can sleep when you’re woken up feeling in your ear! ! Or start to cough amd feel most times you are going to choki to death. The size and amount that comes my nose, I can’t begin to say how abnormal it is! I haave no exact words for that. Doctors need to stop ignoring and start taking action! Stop looking at us as if we are crazy or a hypochondriac because this is as real as Lyme Disease, Meningitis or Lupus. I can compare this destroying parasite that is now in the US to many more health conditions and diseases.
      CDC needs to their job. Shame on them!! Maybe we need to respectfully call the CDC everyday all day to remind them to their job. Also give us the same amount of respect with starting the necessary research, so we can get the medical help we need!

    • We have to get answers, medical treatment along with respect from the medical community, pest control companies and the CDC!..we have been waiting long enough, we should not have to wait any longer! I feel exactly as you do ! Exactly. Who can sleep when you’re woken up feeling in your ear! ! Or start to cough amd feel most times you are going to choki to death. The size and amount that comes my nose, I can’t begin to say how abnormal it is! I haave no exact words for that. Doctors need to stop ignoring and start taking action! Stop looking at us as if we are crazy or a hypochondriac because this is as real as Lyme Disease, Meningitis or Lupus. I can compare this destroying parasite that is now in the US to many more health conditions and diseases.
      CDC needs to their job. Shame on them!! Maybe we need to respectfully call the CDC everyday all day to remind them to their job. Also give us the same amount of respect with starting the necessary research, so we can get the medical help we need!

    • I threw up almost a half gallon of them. First I got rid of the candidda then I started on PARATREX I still was so bloated after about a week on the PARATREX I stuck my fingers down my throat. Finally I gagged some up and just started pulling like u almost choking. I had to wrap them around my fist like yarn and keep pulling and pulling then the heads started detaching because now my hands were covered with the slime of them and the blood coming up from pulling the heads off of my insides. I lost 11lbs that day. 11 lbs! I doubled up the dosage of the PARATREX and my stool the next day was all of dead worms and pieces of them. I think the key to killing them off is getting rid of the candidia fungal infection then the worms are easier to get rid of.

    • [email protected]. Send have INV feelinv of bugs in my skin and in my head feel it too sometimes when I touch my head I feel like something falls in my clothes and goes under my skin and sometimes it felt between my legs pro e part and it into my skin I need some help bad

    • I have every so single symptom that is described by the woman in 2014. I was looking up T.gondi as my cat has produced for us a gift of a segment of a tape worm. Which led me to toxoplasmosis I was convinced that that was what I had but then I some how got onto a site that started showings me pictures of rope worm which looks exactly like what I have does any one know of a doctor I can see for this?

    • Alex Volinsky has posted videos of ropeworms in nasal passages, but throats I have not heard of.
      If there are worms there, it would be easy for a doctor to have a look; have you tried that?

      Good luck, it must be very frightening.

      • I have the same feeling. Also they are in the part where the top of the throat and my nose connect. I can feel them there and moving. I always feel the need to blow my nose but they don’t come out. I’m also loosing my sense of smell. I feel like they are in my chest too. I’ve been hacking them up sometimes too. They are clear and super sticky…

        • Yes, I have experienced the same with them in my throat and in my nose. FRUSTRATING!! And, scary to say the least. If you have not experienced it most people would think you are CRAZY. But, it is true. To those who are reading this, these things can be all over your body. I would not have believed it, but after dealing with it and eliminating these things for about a year, yes it is true.

          Extremely powerful and helpful is Ozone therapy!

        • That sounds like the symptoms of the stuff that they are spraying in the skies the chemtrails. Have you looked into some of those symptoms and effects. That’s why everybody is getting these upper respiratory infections. They are spraying toxic chemicals in her hair and live parasites and nanoparticles

          • In the air not in her hair…so much for modern technology (voice text) 🙂

    • Yup looks just like the “mucous” I was getting! No idea what it is – candida, mucous, ropeworm .. let’s hope one day we’ll figure this out.

      • Thats a ropeworm! I had many of them and other parasites. Killed them with green hull of black wallnut tincture, wormwood and clove (not from the grocery store, lost parasitic power long time ago).
        Papaya seeds, dried coconut and diatomaceous earth works very well to, but not a good as the 3 herbs black wallnut, wormwood and clove. The 3 herbs even killed the tapeworm I had. Have patience, eat fruits and veggies, good luck.

    • This is from chemtrails. There’s a guy Tony on YouTube that does videos on how to get rid of the stuff I don’t even know what to call it nanoparticles in such from the chemtrails but I can’t think of the name he uses on YouTube. All I know is his name is Tony and I think it’s something like herbs beads works might be the username

    • It’s intestinal worms. Use food grade diatomaceous earth. Becoming vegan will not prevent because parasites are in/on plants too. Eat what you need, use DE. They can’t be prevented, only destroyed on a regular basis.

    • Its a rope worm. But u probably have candidida to. Kill of the candidida then start on the worms that is what worked for me. I used the herbal remedie called PARATREX I threw up over 11lbs of worms. I then kept on the PARATREX and had the rest come out in stool they were already dead. Probably pieces of what I literally had to yank them from my stomach dislodging them from the insides of my stomach which I could tell because of their huge heads and the bleeding coming out of them. It was absolutely the most disgusting thing imaginable they can get as long as a meter long. I lost 11lbs that night combined with the dead pie ies that were in my stool the next day.

  2. Hi Jenny! I hope that you are well and have defeated the rope worms. Please let me hear from you. May God bless you!


  3. I have just stumbled across the “rope worm” websites yesterday. I am glad to FINALLY put a name to what’s been going on with me for several years now. They started out as mucus a few years ago has slowly progressed into creature looking things that seem to be alive. Its quite scarry and I feel so alone and embarrassed talking about this with anyone. A year ago a doctor blew it off as constipation.

  4. Wow, I never thought I’d find a site like this. I don’t believe I have ropeworms but I know I have some type of parasite infection. What scares me is how nonchalance everyone is about it. I live in backwoods east Texas and I have faced nothing but opposition from medical, family and friends. It’s to the point where I feel like there is a conspiracy against me. From the CDC on down, no one will take me seriously. I am preparing to take my life over this because if no one is going to help me or even listen then I refuse to go on like this. I am only existing in misery, not living. I believe I have acanthamoeba but that seems absurd to those I talk to. I have been called depressed, crazy, delusional and anything else you can use to keep from admitting the truth. Is there anyone who will listen? Damn, I just want my life back. I have pics if anyone is interested. I’m at peace with death. At least this stuff can’t get to me there. Good luck to you all.

    • This site has kept me out the bar, the nutbin, the jail, & the morgue! 6yrs.ago looked like a brick shithouse: wkg.out, swimming daily,etc. What started as a sore on my face morphd into having them ravage rest of my face, turn up all over my body,”gift”me w/55 lbs.,& completely fuq up my life. Waking up &seeing a new excruciating sore& knowing betadine/neosporin/what- ever wud jus make me itch like hell… Lost my clients, my practice, myself consumed>OBSESSED w/this shit! Took pics w/my cell phone thru lens of microscope(not E.Z. but worth it)& felt vindicated w/my specimens on lab.slides 2show M.D.~they looked like leeches or hookworms but not; oh,& they moved noticeably~ Next thing I know,I’m being prescribed anti psychotic meds by DERMITOLOGIST after cursory”examination”of under 10 min.! I so relate to the gal who wrote in that she talked to these lil bastards =after all,U spend every moment of every day w/them tormenting U! My hair moved 2, & fibers found on bed- clothes, towels,etc.(It was horrifying& fascinating: if U touched 2 together they would”attack”each other or move around 2avoid ea.other > I called this Helminth Wars >talk about feeling like U R Crazy!!!) Thanks 4 letting me rant; I haven’t been able2talk 2anyone…I’ve all same sx’s,too,& am bringing doc a jar of rinsed ropeworms in jar of olive oil 2moro -dismiss that!(Yuck) p.s.The little buggers HATE Zest soap:put a lil glob in middle of lesion w/bit of damp paper towel&bandaid over, leave4 @ least 2hrs.,& check out the aftermath. Also: consumption, liberally&daily,of tumeric, pumpkin seeds(raw), coconut oil&castor oil blend, lots of raw garlic. Blessings Be; my Prayers&Hope 2 All!

      • Hello there, I have been affected to the point of madness!! Something about your story spoke to me and I was wondering if you could message me. Just looking for suggestions and support!! Thanks!! God bless all of the people struggling with this, its truly inhuman!!

        • Hi I’m Catherine I have attempted suicide,I should not be alive to even tell this to anyone, yet here I am! For the last year I have been fighting for my life, nobody believes me except mabey my mom. Even her I question. She may just say she does so I do not try to kill myself again. I feel I have some type of mite in my eyes,noes,ears & body. Not only that I have parasites in my stool ropeworms & God know what else!!! Doctor says she believes I believe it!!! Wow pent me to a shrink who says it is in my head due to stress!! Eye doctor sees nothing! Had two colonoscopies by 2 different doctors saw nothing!!! I have plenty of pictures,they all look just like the ones you have that are rope worms

    • Yes, but you can separate with plastic fork. Use food grade diatomaceous earth and do research on DE too.

  5. I believe rope worms may be healed with energy medicine and shamanic healing.

    At the age of 8, I started having abdominal pain issues. For over 30 years I suffered horribly – spasming of the intestines, stomach, bladder, uterus until deep bleeding ulcers (looked like ulcerative colitis but tests ruled that out),migraine headaches, aching in my entire body and spasms too, autoimmune disorders, nerve damage, grand mal seizures, depression, suicide attempts and more.

    Unable to find relief using Western Medicine, I turned to energy medicine and shamanism. I healed this and a pituitary tumor with absolutely no other medical treatment – no medications (except pain medications until the pain eased), no special diet or parasite treatments, no medical intervention at all.

    It is only tonight that I have learned about rope worms and it is all “clicking”. My story and symptoms are exactly the same as all of you people who are suffering.

    I share my experience with the hope that everyone will find healing as I have. Don’t give up, there is hope. There is life after this and it is wonderful!

    • What energy healing did you use? Did it help with worms…did you get rid of them? I am really dying now and have terrible pain in my intestines because of these things….

      • While that method mentioned DOES help, you need diatomaceous earth, food grade. It is natural medicine too. Research.

    • What is Energy Healing? I have a Pituatary Tumor for the third time. I cannot tolerate the prescribed medicine and can’t face another surgery. I know there is a natural way to cure myself and I am also looking to find a Shaman.

  6. Do the milk sea salt enemas and the eucalyptus oil and leaves broth enemas search for volinsky medical protocol to get rid of this worms commonj don t give up

  7. they go everywhere in the body to get rid of them it works i passed many …..Do the milk sea salt enemas and the eucalyptus oil and leaves broth enemas search for volinsky medical protocol to get rid of this worms .

  8. Hi,

    I have been suffering with bowel pain & severe constipation for decades with bloating so bad that I would look 6 mths pregnant. I had chronic urinary tract infections, oedema from poor circulation, swollen veins on my legs & abdomen, an early menopause, & demodex mite infestation due to a lowered immunity. My abdomen is so hard due the stagnant waste material & my bowels barely function. I have also had terrible insomnia, brain block & blurred vision. Over the last 20 years I have spent a fortune trying to fix these issues to limited outcome. I currently do daily mms enemas and have been doing since Feb this year. This is when the rope worms finally started to come out of me, and they keep coming! These enemas have been my lifeline. i now also take sodium thiosulphate to help cleanse my colon & colostrum & beta glucan s to enhance my immunity to fight these buggers. I, like many of you, have times of significant hopelessness where I feel I will never get better but I know that this attitude in itself is damaging to me. I am reading more & more that blocked emotions and thereby energy flows are an issue for many pepole with these chronic issues & this may explian why the previous lady healed from energy medicine. We must continue to search for answers, support each other and be greatful for every day that we have. Good luck to you all

  9. We had a surprising discovery of this mysterious worm a few months ago. Symptoms were much like yours. We thought of everything including Lyme.
    Every idea offered, we tried until we finlally found a combination that has helped. 1. Enema of organic coffee, to make them let go (in the colon) followed by an Enema of MMS aka Sodium Chlorite activated with lemon. For people who don’t do enemas, they suggested ingesting essential oils of Frankincense (5 drops) and Lemon (5 drops). Others are using a Rife Beam Ray twice a week or more on the Worm settings.
    These worms are the result of GMO’d grain. They farm their own food (other worms) and eat off of you as well as block your own body functions. It’s been nearly 3 months now and finally the skin rashes are healing and the energy is returning.

    • Plz read about Collidal silver, it also helps, I do the organic coffee enema, after I do that enema I do baking soda and sea salt, hold the enema 15min I lost 10lbs from this.
      I was so sick, I had liver flukes, after many enema I had lung flukes come out, I take Collidal silver everyday!!!,,,take a lot of probiotics, and vitamins in general! Educate yourself by reading.
      God Bless

  10. Just stumbled upon here and am so glad I did. I was beginning to think I was crazy! Can anyone update that posted months ago if you have been able to get rid of your ropeworms?

  11. I have all these same symptoms and more. Been doing research on parasite cleansing. Found a product I like and starting tomorrow. Includes black walnut, wormwood, cloves. Very good reviews and affordable.

  12. I recently discovered I had these and did a parasite cleanse. Didn’t seem to do much. Can they not be killed by drugs or herbs? Just wondering if you can only get them out by enema’s…how long might this take? What if you have hundreds? I don’t think I could stand dealing with this for two, three or four years as some have stated.

    • Diatomaceous Earth, food grade. Take 1 teaspoon once per day for 3 months. Some companies sell bullshit products and sounds like you got one of those. Do the DE.

  13. Try using Turpentine. (The Pure Gum Spirits) This is not the same as the regular kind to remove paint, etc. It’s like an essential oil that comes from the pine tree. Go and google, Dr. Jennifer Daniels. She explains how to use it. There are folks on yt who had great results on eliminating rope worms from their system.

  14. I feel like something is moving in my ear cartlidge I got it checked out but said it was an ear infection but it feel like a worm moving on my outer ear

  15. I have Morgellons, an illness that infects the lymph glands and then causes the skin to erupt in painful boils that can be enormous and full of bacteria. It comes with hair loss and many other symptoms that are in line with what rope worms seem to do. You can feel the sensation of things moving under the skin, but the medical community denies that there is parasitic involvement.

    Interestingly, the shape of the skin lesions reflect the same shape as that of the rope worm, fumis vermis or funis vermis. There is a biological slime that goes with the infection, which also fits with the properties of this parasite. There are other distinct similarities. I hope this is part of the equation and sufferers from both illnesses can be helped.


  16. I have these. The main thing getting them out now is Diatomaceous Earth. Going to a GI with a very undeniably clear sample of a worm tomorrow. Will see what happens. Ugh.

  17. First: Thanks for sharing your knowledge about exactly the same thing, I couldn’t name till yesterday! What you do is life-saving, go on!

    To answer your question “What are your symptoms?”:
    Most of the already listed symptoms plus …
    …Bowel movement changes (structure, shape, color, regularity)
    Stomach cramps
    Word-finding problems
    Concentration problems
    Go to work with last strength (if any)
    It sometimes smells like fart without farting
    Mucus instead of defecation
    Tonnes of small stones instead of defecation, enveloped in mucus
    Ear infections / inflammation-auditory canal
    Loud gurgling in abdomen
    Hypersensitivity of the skin
    Beginning of social isolation
    Unexplained mood swings
    Hair loss (only for certain foods such as black tea or shells)
    Physician Odyssey (drawer: irritable bowel)

    Of course I’m interested at most how to get rid of that crap.
    I’m grateful for any advice!

  18. Dear Friends- Please try this: 650 mg of Haritake twice a day. Or purchase Triphula from an Indian grocery store and figure out how many spoons will have 650 mg of Harar (Indian word for Haritake) I have taken Harar, for ovr a year and may never stop in my life. I hope it kills the rope worms. It is a very strong antioxidant . It absolutely will kill candida almost instantly. Forget everything else you ever tried for candida. This is the thing. You may have diarrhea for one day, as the body throws out the dead candida- After that you will be fine and be surprised at the many health benefits. – by the way- far more than anything that is written about Harar ! Im 68 years old and for the first time in my life I was not sick once in a full year . Not even a cold. Give it a try. I am sure that you wont regret this. If you can, ask an Indian friend to get you Harar by Zandu company from an ayurvedic pharmacy in India. The tiny bottles have 40 tablets and cost less than a dollar.

  19. I van barely form words or keep up in conversations.For about 5 years Ive had this.It was just today I put it together.I noticed my legs covered in what looked like broken cap ok capill

  20. Oh thank goodness! Some concrete advice from people who have experienced this. I just started doing coffee enemas and today I expelled a rope worm. I am horrified!
    I have been ill for over 30 years. First they said it was my thyroid… I have HHV-6, CMV, Epstein-Barre, Lyme, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Autoimmune, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (now known as SEID), Leaky Gut, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, tinnitus, carpal tunnel, A-Fib, and many other symptoms I can’t think of because of the brain fog.
    Is it all because of this damn WORM?!?!?!?!?!?
    I was told once by someone who does muscle testing that I have parasites but now I’m SURE I do!!!!
    I will try everything suggested and keep you posted!

  21. U people r not alone these things have completley taken all life within me away,omg i could go on for days about my illness,wtf is wrong with the medical field in this world ,this worm,parasite ,murderer,is sumthing that is quite serious ,omg ,why wont they help us,im so to the point that all that i wanna do is sleep,ive gained almost thirty pds in a year r so,went from being a size o&1to barley a size nine,im so horrified ,i to feel helpless,im bout to be fourt yfive in december i to have been called crazy and much more i started seeing these things in my stool,i guess two r more years again although ivw been detrating now forcyears,everyday worserxthan the day before,i have alk the symtons that u all have mentioned and then sum,sumthing needs to be investigated with this issue and help needs to be found r yes its possibke to see the world ebd of days with all dying to suicide ,i have nausea everyday ,chest pains ,god so much i literally had rayher be dead than to continue feeling this way everyday,what r we to do everyone,this is really frieghtenig,and pardon my misspells im just trying to say things the best way i can and as quickley as i can before i change my mind r forget what i was saying,theresgotta be a better way,i speak on behalf of myself u all,if tgis is what my life is gonna remain as im done seriously ,i have no will r intetions of carring on this way,yesterday i decided to give it one more run with the herbs ,all that is so hard to actulalluy do ,atleast for me,seriously its to the point that i have become sumwhat as if my mind works and i can know ,plan out ,and all taht stuff,things that i neex to do but imsotierd i cant even get up to go to emply my bladder,i crave sweets and will go crazy if i cant get sumthing,im a fuckin mess ,pardon the bad languge but thats just how i feel,this sux,will i ever get my life back?????????Please help,,,,,,

  22. I have been debilitated / homebound for 6 yrs. I like all of u have had my life taken away
    I started coffee enemas in april but can’t tolerate them i can only get 12oz in and hold for a few mins so i do 2 a week
    But last week the coffee started to push back up and out of my butt hole
    I did a salt enema for the first time sat at 5am slept till 2p
    Then had a bm and my poo was stuck so I had to yank it out with my hands
    Soooo gross
    After washing them off. They are hard and very long.
    I spent the last 6yrs treating lyme, mold, viruses, candida and parasites
    My immune system is so out of whack
    Tests are all over the board
    I don’t detox well so i dont tolerate meds or herbs
    I have tried everything and have ended up in hospital a few times
    I have gone to being the skinniest I’ve ever been to being the heaviest
    I have had an ovary removed, 2 spinal taps, a blood patch, passed a blood clot with a stomach full of fluid looking 9 months pregnant
    And now the worms in just the last year
    I feel the worms are the beginning of my end
    I feel like I’m dying but my nervous system is amped so im hyper even when in soo much pain and feeling like im hungover
    Too much to tell but wanted to share my story with u all.

  23. I’ve spent 6 years dealing with chronic illness from glandular fever to chronic fatigue (low cortisol) + parasites (ropeworms) and a brain tumor (acoustic neuroma): I did coffee enemas and lemon juice enemas nearly everyday for a year and ropeworm as seen in the pics above came out everyday. My head cleared and my breathing finally improved when the ‘mother sac’ came out filled with 100s of baby parasites. And I started putting on weight again after losing 10kg and weighing 55kg at 5ft9. After wasting time and money on GPs, endocrinologists who suggest staying on steroids for life – causing me two torn retnas within a year -naturopaths, I have found my lifesaver: Dr Yurkovsky in New York: (I saw Carol Macy in New Zealand who trained under him). I wouldn’t see anyone else. This treatment FCT (Field Control Therapy) is simple and yet so effective – uses homeopathic remedies but personalised to each person. They are all about treating the underlying cause which pills, whether prescription or natural don’t do. They get the heavy metals, parasites, environmental toxins out of your brain/bone marrow/body in a safe and sequential manner. They treat everything from hormone imbalances, toxins, parasites, chronic fatigue, etc. I finally have my life back. I hope this information helps others.

  24. I’ve had all of the above as you, spending 6 years on going from GPs to endocrinologists to naturopaths. TOP TIPS: Go see Dr Yurkovsky in New York (I saw Carol Macy who trained under him in New Zealand). One stop shop – will solve all your issues and all interconnected. Parasites do so much damage. I had ropeworm and did coffee enemas and lemon enemas most days for a year – ropeworm came out everyday as well as ‘mothersac’ and 100s of baby ones sitting under my lungs. I’ve finally got my life back!

    • I have many of the symptoms described. I hold a degree in human services. But do to the nature of my work as a Psychic that performs Rieki and energy work to help the healing process. In my work I am open to and connected with other healers. It is true that worms in the body can cause all of these disrupttions. We as humans, are mammals and have parasites as other animals do. It is normal. To have bacteria and parisites perform a task for our bodies. It’s when it is out of check that we have problems. So they are with us to create homeostasis in the body. That said everything we consume, (even air and water), what we put topically on our bodies interacts with our bodies. Environmental changes effect us as well in the form of barriatric pressure changes
      When the body is out of balance and you know You got you 5, 90 minute sleep cycles in 24 hours, you drank your 7 glasses of fluid (hopefully most water or tea). Plus your meals inluded the food group basics (leaving alone candy/sweets; but they taste so good). Topically, your skin is moist and supple or you use and adornment oil butter. I make one with full spectrum healing. Do what you can to maintain your exersize and sleep, even if it mean smoking, eatting Marijuna for pain, sleep and deppression.
      Then, suspect a parisite. Our bodies can have over 200 parasites. And even when you kill them. You can re-ingest them. in food, water, air and topically. For this I clense. We have a apothecary here in Seattle named Tenzing Momo. They make and carry the black or green walnut, clove & worm wood tonic, they also carry one better made by a woman here. It has a picture of a horse on the label. She adds a bit more to her potions. It is to be taken at the start of a full moon. The moon has certain magnetic pills which aid in the process. I have found more elimination useng this product. But remember you can use it when you have parisite infestations.
      When cleansing I also meditate and pray, Eat, fruits, vegies small amounts of meat and beans, and the body needs days to grease the way as well, drink lots of fluids. Soups work well for me. And I exercise and rest as for my skin it use my adornment oil butter, which helps the skin rejuvinate. Your body dose a lot of work at this time, so it is very important to take good care of it.

    • I have many of the symptoms described. I hold a degree in human services. But do to the nature of my work as a Psychic that performs Rieki and energy work to help the healing process. In my work I am open to and connected with other healers. It is true that worms in the body can cause all of these disrupttions. We as humans, are mammals and have parasites as other animals do. It is normal. To have bacteria and parisites perform a task for our bodies. It’s when it is out of check that we have problems. So they are with us to create homeostasis in the body. That said everything we consume, (even air and water), what we put topically on our bodies interacts with our bodies. Environmental changes effect us as well in the form of barriatric pressure changes, cold and heat changes.

      When the body is out of balance and you know You got you 5, 90 minute sleep cycles in 24 hours, you drank your 7 glasses of fluid (hopefully most water or tea). Plus your meals inluded the food group basics (leaving alone candy/sweets; but they taste so good). Topically, your skin is moist and supple or you use and adornment oil butter. I make one with full spectrum healing. Do what you can to maintain your exersize and sleep, even if it mean smoking, eatting Marijuna for pain, sleep and deppression.

      Then, suspect a parisite. Our bodies can have over 200 parasites. And even when you kill them. You can re-ingest them. in food, water, air and topically. For this I clense. We have a apothecary here in Seattle named Tenzing Momo. They make and carry the black or green walnut, clove & worm wood tonic, they also carry one better made by a woman here. It has a picture of a horse on the label. She adds a bit more to her potions. It is to be taken at the start of a full moon. The moon has certain magnetic pulls which aid in the process. I have found more elimination useng the horse label product. I found what I expected to be large tape worms and ascaritus worms. (Looks like the pictures shown by others on this feed.) I have never used enemas of any sort. Once something dies in the body it is naturally eliminated. And it usually passed quickly through the body. Sometimes the stool is green as well. The only reason for using a enema is constipation. So for that a castle soap enema is usually fine, it adds some grease to the bowls to aid in elimination.

      When cleansing I also meditate and pray, it helps to aleiviate stress and depression that come with the associated symptoms,. Eat, fruits, vegies small amounts of meat and beans, and the body needs grease as well. Drink lots of fluids. Soups work well for me. And I exercise and rest. As for my skin it use my adornment oil butter, which helps the skin rejuvinate. Your body dose a lot of work at this time, so it is very important to take good care of it.

  25. Hi have had all these symptoms for years light sensitivity, cronic pain in hands knees, feet and neck and spine, doctors did mri and said I have a spine full of arthritus and my neck is worse my hands and feet are either on fire with needle and pins sensation, or ice cold but wrist upwards normal ?if I get slightly cold I start shivering uncontrollably , recently started forgetting things , cant sleep much and wake up contorted to the point my breastbone hurts and feel like ive perminently sprained my hands and feet from contorting and cant bend my toes apart from big ones which have started curving in, if someone sneezes within a mile I could catch there cold had cold for last 9 weeks even had flue jab this weekend after being constipated due to what I thought was I.b.s I thought I passed my colon lining untill I found your info I live in the uk and my doctor has just ordered full blood tests last week prior to the strange colon looking poop I had . Would they show up in blood test, how do I get doctor to believe my symtoms your list of symptoms look like I have written a shopping list I feel so tired and drained now no appetite what so ever and weigh 43kg which is 1 kg for each year ive been alive how do I get help over here when your countries seen more cases over there and being called liars basically

  26. Look… I’m not dealing with this issue… but I have dealt with something like it… I encourage you all to start taking neem. It’s cheep, and parasites can not live in a neem environment. It kills them.. It’s a herb that cleans parasites fungus and all types of invaders from your body. I took it for 90 day 3 times a day and it killed all the crap inside me… Look into it if you think your the victim of a parasite. After the neem kills them you will suffer for a period of time of you body forcing the bad shit up through your skin… It’s not fun… Itches and yea… If your desperate and your doctor is a moron that thinks he knows more about your body and what your feeling then you do… Start neem….

  27. Please try dr Daniels protocol, and ozone I am using a ozonator that is made in Las Vagas that work great but looks home made but it works better than the one I bought called Wildfire air purifier. I ozonator my drinking water and my bath water. I passed a 6″ rope worm. I feel much better and the pain in my leg stoped right after the ozone therapy. Use caster oil as well. Hope this helps you as it did me.

  28. Hello,

    i would like to tell my story here…… i have symptoms as most of you have /had now maybe:)

    But 3-4 years ago i had night sleeping pains in my lower back i tought its the problem with the bed or sport i do i play golf….. so 1 year of investigation my back issues MRI and sorts of scans and result is no problem anywhere.

    Some day it was better some better worse… but i learned to live the muscle pains i had with the time it got worse.. i had days where i just did not wanted to live any more and no doctor found any issue…i am 32 years old not very old but considering the pain had over 3-4 years and i could only sleep 2-3 h in a row for that period of time no longer…. imagine how tired you are everyday brain fog and etc… sometimes did not understand what is reality and what not. Few weeks ago i started to do coffee enema to give it a try as i have done all sorts of things juices all kind of protocols…

    so back to few weeks now… first enema was a mess 🙂 But relive i got after the enema was amazing no muscle pains back pain i was´t sure how did this helped but i have now done this for few weeks i have to say that my pains are gone 95% there are still some discomfort feeling but nothing to compare i had 3-4 years in a row and i can sleep in a row hours but i need to get the habit out now as i still wake up few times during the night because i have done this soo long.

    But few days ago i had similar white mucus thing what came out so i think this must be some kind of parasite….. maybe not i dont know but i have to say that coffee enema is a miracle where western medicine dr. cant fix you or give any advice.

    Basically i have done my own research for about same time i had this problem…. i knew about coffe enemas for longer than i have the issue but never tough that this can help me as well….

    Here is the diet i eat now:
    – Eggs + some bacon
    – Steamed vegetables/grilled ( no white potato )
    – Some fish/chicken

    NO: Sugary drinks, candies, cakes, no pasta, breads,

    I have to say i felt pretty hopeless for long time now i have some hope to return to full health soon.

  29. Ropeworm starts as a fly/bug. You need to disable this or it will just breed continuously and spread throughout your entire body. You can clean it continuously from the intestine but it’s neverending. This is the offspring of the fly/bug. We are on our own. Science doesn’t care. This is a very adaptive parasite. If you don’t suffer this then you should keep your comments to yourself. You have NO IDEA, this destroys lives.

  30. Over the past year I have received great information and relief in knowing I wasn’t the only one dealing with parasites from reading generous testimonials. Now that I am feeling so much better I feel like I should give hope to anyone who is in the beginning of their journey.
    In 2006 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and my health took a dive from there. By 2014 I had gained 30 pounds, had chronic depression, uncontrollable carb and sugar cravings, unexplained aches and pains, an increasing anti-social behavior, and accelerated aging over all. Then on top of all that I contacted pin-worms in November 2014. I freaked! I couldn’t get rid of them (I had no idea, they were the tip of a toxic iceberg). I thank God for those disgusting little buggers because in my desperation to get rid of them, my heavy infestation of lots of other worms and things were discovered. Diatomaceous Earth was what started killing the pinworms and others that started to show up, I was stunned and relieved at the same time because I knew that I had found the cause of my declining health. The process was slow, but honestly it couldn’t have been any other way, the wear and tear detoxing took on my body was significant and I could spend days in bed with flu like symptoms, a more aggressive approach may have stopped me from cleaning myself, again at this time I did not know the extent of my infestation, I was stumbling in the dark, no help from any professionals, however, instinctively I knew I was slowly getting better and the detox reaction was letting me know that what I was doing was working. I started to help my body detox the best I could, eating really clean, eliminating sugar (this was starting to get easier), skin brushing, ebsom salt baths, rebounding, and I began to read about coffee enemas to help your body detox. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get this extreme, but it really kept gnawing at me that I may need this protocol. At this time I was about 4 months into my cleaning, seeing at least 10 different kinds of worms and flukes on a daily basis, still feeling sick but getting better. I tried the coffee enema a few times within two weeks when the following day I see my first rope worm at least two feet long. OMG! What is this now? Thank God for people who shared their stories or I would never had known. Approximately for the next 5 months between coffee enemas and herbal colon cleanse (very important as the hide behind stuff, there are many good ones on the market) I can say the majority if not all the rope worms, all different stages are gone. I cannot tell you how much better I feel since ridding myself of them. I believe they were the core cause of my sickness and created a body primed for worm infestation. Had I not tried the coffee enemas I would not have discovered my rope worm problem and never would have fully recovered. Today I stick to a regimen of herbs, DE, sometimes CE, super healthy eating, magnesium oxide to keep things moving always! I believe for me, I will have to be diligent for the rest of my life, thats ok, nothing is more motivating than seeing worms in the toilet. But these rope worms are no joke, highly toxic, I’m not sure what they are either but I know you want them out of you. They can really mess you up. If anyone needs more details about what I’ve done specifically I’d be happy to share, my main reason for writing this is to let anyone suffering to know there is an end to them, to persevere, its not easy and you might think you’re going crazy, but it does get better. I know what a lonely road this is, nobody wants to hear about it, besides nobody believes it anyway. But I know how real they are and there is hope. God Bless.

  31. Wow, unbelievable info!! IN 2010 I had rt knee replacement and went septic. On life support and later got infected with ?____lab after lab came back no parasites identified and eventually labeled phyco moad and took blsckwalnut hull and wormwood for 4 months. It helped but I didn’t realize my dog which I sleep with gave them to me. now it’s 2016 jan 14 and i’m dropping fecal sac and rope worms like crazy due to Hep C Harvonie treatment. Looks like i’m i’m wormwood (irony) bound. Let u know how it goes. They….not the movie……….

  32. I am expelling mucus since more than 6 months now with unformed motions with doctors claiming it to IBS, Candida, putting me on metronidazole suspecting of H.pyrocia (amebiosis) , indigestion and all fancy names. I have tried several diets, fruit diets only, homeopathic medicines and currently I am eating some sort of ayurvedic medicine (indian herbs mixtures). I am so sick of switching doctors because i think doctors are really fooling around saying mucus will eventually go as this is an inner lining inflammation of the intestines etc.etc. but somehow i have a strong feeling that i have rope worms. I have never done anema and actually i am petrified even with the thought of it. Can anyone suggest me with a different cleansing way to take this ropeworm out of the body?

    I have long 8-10 cms of white mucus floating right from the top of the water to down and after reading about rope worms, oh boy i am surely amazed. Seeking your advice people ….

  33. Oh, Lord. I have had these mucousy wormy looking things before. I have a lot of the symptoms but never guessed it could be something like this. I wonder would a colonoscopy detect the worm?

  34. Hi I’ve been very ill for 3.5 years and had cdifficle in 2010 for 8 months then lots of stress after that infection which lead me to this site I’m 48 years old feeling like 88 years old. I started out with left upper abd pain with left and pain with constipation poor digestion and peristalsis sluggish. Then I developed pain stiffness neck right upper back and shoulder rib pain then traveling everywhere we I’d sensation bone muscle tendon stiff and painful joint cracking everywhere itching biting sensations and rashes skin very dry like bad texture especially on legs Anxiety and socially isolating. I tried different diets try to stay sugar free no gluten minimal dairy 15% meat and vegs. Trying to focus on healing the gut and negative thinking I had some time lately to concentrate on self care and so tired of been so sick and tired sucking the life right out of me sometimes wishing I wouldn’t wake up and face another day. Lately I have been so obsessed with getting answers and not giving up I started turpentine like dr. Daniels protocol and diamoutous earth, red desert clay, sodium thiosulfate, and coffee enemas noting rope like worms coming out I still feel sick it’s been like 4 days on this slight improvement. I feel for you all. May God Bless with wisdom and ways to get your health back and may you all be healed in Jesus name. I’ve through a lot in life nothing like this here are some pics of what I think are rope worms

  35. Wow, so much info here. So many questions I don’t know where to start. I have been sick with what I think (now) to be parasites for many years. I have been having all of the symptoms listed…. a lot of severe back pain, specifically in one shoulder. Recently, my left arm has lost a lot of it’s strength and really hurts in a certain position. when I went to my homeopathic, he showed how my muscles needed to be kind of dug into to separate and my neck muscles massaged, which would make the pain go away immediately, but it would come back. when I returned, he felt again and that’s when he told me I had worms and did muscle testing. He put me on VRM2, which has wormwood, black walnut, and cloves (I think). I haven’t seen anyone mention that here, so curious if anyone has feedback. He also put me on mimosa pudica and melia supreme. He hasn’t given me any other directions, such as enemas or colon cleanses, etc. He recently did a parasite cleanse himself which took a year and feels much better. I’m starting to eat much cleaner/better. Are the rest of you putting your family on your treatment as well? I have finished one round of VRM2 and on my second of 4 rounds. I’ve seen worms in the toilet and totally disgusted and freaked out to get rid of these asap. I’m gathering from all of your comments that this is a lifelong battle? For those of you who have gotten this under control or eliminated them, how often are you doing another cleanse, or what are you doing to avoid another infestation? I have been trying to lose weight for the last 10 years (I now think I’ve had them about that long). Until then, I never had any issues with weight. Now I feel lifeless, laying in bed a lot, isolation, issues with menopause for the last 5 years (I’m 47), just lots of related issues. reading this thread, I see turmeric, DE, clay, neem, and I’m sure I’m missing more. Which are more effective for those of you who have experience trying several of them, and how do you take them? Do you put them in gel capsules? Where do you find the neem oil? I looked at mountain rose herbs and I see it is for cosmetic use only. Also, has anyone successfully rid themselves of these without doing enema’s? I think I read somewhere that they should not be done more than 2x week or your body loses it’s ability to eliminate on it’s own…? I am very new to this, so none of these are my own opinions or experience, just hoping to learn from those who have been on this healing path longer than me. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and advice!

  36. It’s been a few weeks of alternating coffee enemas , milk and salt, eucalyptus, yogurts , lemon juice they are the only way to expel for me yesterday after milk and salt which I cannot hold longer than 5 minutes then coffee enema I passed 3 ft 4″ ropeworm felt lightheaded slight better I’m infested I believe pain has moved in my back hips and ribs can’t describe weird sensation like brush burn inside of body with stiffness and snapping tendon sensations itching pricking sensations wondering when I’m going to get better how long diet everything has changed but I haven’t felt any better sometimes worse I will try to upload pics

  37. I really don’t know what all of these really are but I want my life back when does the suffering end feels so gross I went from an outgoing upbeat fun loving person skin glowing and muscular built to wasting away in agony no remission I am a nurse and cannot work like this can anyone help feeling discouraged I know I need my Lord and Savior the great physician he uses dr.s to heal my heart aches for anyone going through any illness or suffering God Bless

    • Hi Kim,

      Thanks so much for sharing your photos! I have been passing lots of worm stuff since August but nothing so big yet, however , I have a feeling some big ones like that are being resistant to leaving. Several in the 12 to 16 inch range, but quite thin in comparison.

      I am curious how frequently you have been doing the enemas?

      I just did my first eucalyptus tea/oil enema tonight’s ago and this morning some really large blood clots came out. A bit disconcerting, but possibly just part of the cleansing process.

      If you would like to connect outside this forum just for ease of communication I would like that. If you Google my name “Michael Mathieu Rolfing” you can find my website and my email address.

      I am having a rough time with this process and would love to have some other people for support.

      Congratulations on what you have had come out of you you may not be noticing much difference yet but I’m guessing you are well on your way to getting well!

    • Kim
      How are you doing now?

      I have many of these symptoms. Did a Humaworm cleanse and it helped minimally. I have Lyme and am ill after getting implants. My gut does not want to heal and I am at my wits end. I’m going to start taking Neem again and see how that goes.

  38. Hi! I believe I might have ropeworm along with liverflukes and tapeworm. This came out of me yesterday, could it be ropeworm or is it possible it’s intestinal fluke?

    The symtoms I have is
    Bloating from time from time
    constant back pain

    I’m 23 but feel like my energy levels are like I’m 70. No doctors wants to help me or believe me as long as the stool tests keeps coming back negative. This is really starting to get to me mentally

    Sending out thoughts to all worm worries out there!

  39. I’ve been gaining weight, feeling bloated and full for over a year.
    I’ve been on and off the parasite cleanse, and after several enemas last week I passed this.
    It looks like dead dried rope worm to me…. Any thoughts?

  40. I had the ones you show at the first picture -they come first ==they I tried to be nice — I rubbed the spots where the suction cups hook onto I talked to them I rubbed the scabby round spots that feed off the suction of the blood and when they go they die —but mine have a real funny trait ==they make pictures –I think I talk to them in the night -I dream a lot and have over35 pictures of things –I mean I dont touch it -and it makes a really classy picture ==lots of kittys and dogs and trees and pandas and bras —you name it I AM ALWAYS SUPRRISED WHEN I MAKE A NOISY MOVEMENT AND LOOK —-I feel a connection –what more could I learn —if I talk too much I will be in the funny farm with my strange habits —-but I feel better –did have strongyloides and hook worm and a few others –but I feel they are gone—-hope so they are mean –the ropes are much easier to adjust too —-this is a big world and universe and I would never say it couldn’t happen —cause it DID but I want to learn more

  41. Hello
    I think I’ve found a cure. For me, anyway, but it might help others.
    I have been eating a Paleo diet. In a nutshell that means no starch and no dairy.
    My rope worms disappeared after two weeks.
    Then, I was invited to a party, where the only food available involved wheat. The rope worms returned.
    I can only guess they are either something that eats starch to survive, or they are made of starch, or they are the result of GMO starchy products. (In Australia where I live, largely only our grains are GM)

  42. Ivermection is said to work wonders. As is ‘Humaworm’ . There are lots of facebook sites on parasite removal. Ive just come here after doing daily coffee enemas, also taking the clove/wormwood and black walnut herbs, Diatomaceous Earth (this shreds em ) and sweeping intestines by adding chia seeds to things. Cut out sugar and gone vegan. Scrub fruit and veg and scrupulous hygiene ( no shoes in the house ) People used to have a spoon of castor oil every friday night and continually keep the worms down.. most people nowadays only care about the outside, but inside theyre crawling!

  43. I have so many of the exact symptoms. I had sore all over my legs. I litterly keep duct tape on them for 2 weeks, they finnially healed.
    I have serious back problems. But the feeling of something crawling, etc.. I kept to myself.I didn’t have any trans., r insurance (yet). Any suggestions for cleansing that I may have in my apt.?
    I know it’s not in my head. I did the Dr route, nothing. No mental, thyroid, etc.. problems. I’m 51,feeling like 100. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  44. 4 years of three coffee enemas per day, they are still coming out at a rate of about a handful each enema. I’m 48yrs old, 5’6″, 120lbs w/extreme skin problems. It seems they reproduce very quickly. They don’t like distilled water, colloidal silver, shrubs (ACV w/fruit & sugar), green banana flour (which is resistant starch). Currently experimenting with borax and konjac(glucomannan). Mental work of ‘letting go’ (Lester Levinson’s work) works good also. In the past year, tried water fasts of 2, 7 and 13 days. They came out during the fast also. They did not ‘starve’ nor did my skin condition change. Also tried urine therapy w/out much success.

  45. Hello! Finally after researching for a long time I found out why I was getting all these sores. I began to get sores on my face and wherever I had a small cut, or pimple, it would turn into the same type of odd scab with all these little white dots inside looking like tiny whiteheads I would try to pop them but it hurt extremely bad each little head and they were hard, if I was able to get them out it was an odd strand one head, thin, then another large area, thin again, then one last bigger area and a thin tail, I started to think I was just seeing things but they were all the same shape and my blood wasn’t doing that and these would be seperate, the sores took forever to heal and for a couple months now I still have the same ones, I then got extremely bad back and chest pain and began to cough these rope worm up I would get a really foul smell in my throat and knew it was time to spit them up then began coughing and would spit out a bunch ranging from a brick red color to mucous color. I felt like I had a UTI but it must have been the rope worms I would pee as usual but still feel like I would have to when I was done, I would stimulate myself a bit and painfully would pee some out with blood. Gross. I did a regular saline enima and passed many many many rope worms and pass them without enimas. I see them in each poop all yellow and slimy looking wrapped around these things have taken over my life I’m always so tired I have never been this tired in my life I’m to embarrassed to hangout with anyone because the sores in my face and can’t sleep because I wake up every hour with that smell and hacking them up. Please help me get rid of these things if anyone knows how to get rid of them in the skin that would help greatly!!

  46. You all act like these are hard to cure. Just take Piperazine Citrate and swallow tobacco or pyrantel. I did so and it gets them all out, and makes future stools continually clean. You get all complicated about which herbs to take when you can just cure this with 1) $3 piperazine & 2) nicotine or the nicotinic agonist pyrantel

    The GMO stuff as the cause is stupid because if it were true, the entire population would have this instead of a sizable minority. it only take the brain 3 seconds to think of this.

    There are idiosyncratic nutcases here and ropeworm is real. Both are true.

  47. There are a few comments here and there about Chlorine Dioxide and the Kalcker protocol.You can find detailed protocol in Kerri Rivera’s book”Healing the symptoms of Autism” I am now preparing to start this myself (a twelve to eighteen month long protocol) as soon as I have ordered all that is required. This is not a quick fix, as there is no quick fix. This protocol makes sense to me.I hope others here will check it out.

  48. To Sarah, The above book should help you. I believe you use the CD baths to help with detox and also skin issues.In the book” Healing the Symptoms known as Autism” there is detail about using CD for all kinds of stuff related to parasites.lot of photos in the book look like rope worm.

  49. Why is there so few research about this out there. Why is it that the doctors can’t or won’t tell us about this? Is it Backus they already know what it is? Is it cancer or related to Cancer? There should be a study among all people that has these worms. Like questions should be asked like, Have you been given any steroids medicine, what food do you eat, Have you taken or been given any vaccinations. Back in 2001 I firs discovered rope Worm(Funis Vermis). I got rejected by doctors, even to day I get rejected and no one believes it, even with clear evidence. Are we living test subjects?
    Nevertheless, We are ignored! And why are we ignored? And that is alarming!

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