Rope Worm Theories

Here are some theories about the source of Rope Worms:

  1. They are just mucous
  2. They are an evolved form of candida.
  3. They are biofilm.
  4. They are a by product of genetically engineered foods – bacterial or insect DNA in the foods mixing with gut flora to form a new life-form.
  5. They are dried-up gut associated lymphoid tissue

What are your thoughts?

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56 Replies to “Rope Worm Theories”

  1. I believe they are a man made bio weapon, but I mean morgellons, not just the worm. I also believe that GMO foods are a big part of it. I think there are many different aspects at work, the worm being a big part. And I DO NOT believe that this is a part of evolution. That being said, I am not a researcher, just a 6 year victim.

    • Charlie! I have been passing worms for 8 weeks of 6 kinds! I’ve had 5 colonics and watched them go and had them come out. That’s how I first found out that the 8 years of hell I’ve walked, sick as a dog chronically, suddenly allergic to gluten in 2010, then dairy, then sugar. The chronic pain. The candida.
      So I passed a huge rope worm. It was very thin though and had no rope.
      BUT then 3 weeks later, after becoming so sick I couldn’t get out of bed, had a 5th colonics and had nests the size of walnuts come out.
      I left feeling so much better and was back to living.
      But the next day I passed nothing but light brown stuff and in it were these slimy things with eyes!!!
      Seeing your pic I almost fainted! Those were the things with eyes that came out for 2 days!!
      Did you ever come to a conclusion on this?

      • Chrissy,

        Basically, all I know is I feel better as I get all this stuff out of me. Like you it has been various kinds. I initially had a great deal of liver flukes. I think I’m mostly past the flukes however there are still some small ones that come out. I’m becoming more familiar with my signs and symptoms. I pretty much know when I’m about to pass one as I feel pretty rotten and then as soon as I have a BM I feel relieved.

        I’ve cleaned up my diet over the last several years and I’m hardcore organic. I’ve also been taking very strong anti parasitic herbs (first humaworm and the barefoot’s herbs) capsules along with a tincture, including olive leaf capsules together with a strong enzyme regime. All this together has started me down the road of eliminating these worms/parasites and feeling better all the time. It has been a much tougher road than expected and not much room for compromise. Yes, I have done many coffee enemas and would have never made the progress I have w/o doing these. In fact, I would have never known I had these nasty things w/o having done coffee enemas.

        How many people have these and don’t even know it?? I would say many. And, most people will probably not do what is needed to rid themselves of this mess.

        I have attached another pic showing some other things that came out one day. I’ve learned to search my poop and I’m better off for it. Hey, it only takes a minute ;).

      • Things with eyes?
        Just blew something out my nose. I kept feeling that I had a worm up my nose. The pic if it will download here was after it had been sitting on a towel for hours. And was just starting to dry up. Normal snot wouldnt last that long. That thing looked like it was smiling at me.

  2. That is a long time to be suffering. What difficulties are you having, other than the urge to pass them? Are you bloated, constipated, or feeling sick?

    Just wondering. Sometimes I think these things are meant to keep my body from absorbing toxins, and I am not sure if they affect me badly, other than make me swell up.

  3. Since they are most active during the full moon, what about the extraterrestrial source? They are in the brain besides other parts of the body. What about the rope worm mind control?

    • fake news. Sorry. I read the article and its nothing but a naysayer. I have been seeing these- and makes total sense – after detox. Unless you have actually lived with this, and detoxed them out how can you possibly have an opinion? Holistically speaking we already know that toxins are a big problem- if this is not real, as you say, how come so many people on this blog have similar symptoms and a history of leaky gut, viruses, lyme, and other parasites- for example, myself. I have been dealing with Bastocystis for many years, candida- a no brainer…metals- got them removed and many cleanses later , many years later- these.

  4. Thank you for the link to the thought-provoking article Harriet. Yes those papers by Volinsky and Gubarev could be more scientific, for sure, but if these things are not parasites, what are they? There is still no definitive answer.

    • That’s not true, my first rope worm came out when i had never done a colonic in my life, after diagnosing that i had parasites and fungal overgrowth, i went on a protocol to eliminate them and after two months i have had maybe 100 of these ropes come out of me, Yes i did start to do some enemas (water) every now and again to help them come out, but they are in the stool regardless of using an enema or not.

    • I have never used any kind of bowel cleanser and I have these things. I am very sick and trying to find answers

    • I have never had a bowel cleanse ever and I’m expelling hundreds of these things with coffee enemas. Bad digestive issues ALL my life…I’m 46…bloating so bad I almost go to ER. Many docs…no help. Found it myself.

      • I only do colonics for s colonoscopy and wjen mine came out last week i didnt have that done mine was done in oct. Take one to ur dr i did and today i start treatment

    • I only do colonics for s colonoscopy and wjen mine came out last week i didnt have that done mine was done in oct

    • its not just “bowel” products- coffee enemas are actually a liver detox modality- an amazing tool -actually discover during war times and used as an effective pain killer- more importantly, helps the body detox better by aiding the liver- its hardly a bowel detox. look up doctor Max Gerson- he is a doctor who figured out how to heal cancer with out chemo. Id look him up to better understand detox- as the complexities may not be in your scope as an md.

  5. Hmm you have a good point. I don’t recall any strange things exiting my body until I started a parasite cleanse. However, it may be that only people who use bowel cleansing products actually examine their waste …

    I know that before I started the parasite cleanse and bowel cleansing I couldn’t eat anything or even drink water without getting immediately bloated .. I couldn’t do any yoga while lying on my stomach as there felt like there was a mass being uncomfortably squashed inside me; and now I am actually able function normally and wear my old clothes again.

  6. It may be that only people who do bowel cleanses examine their waste (though I sincerely doubt that), but it is certain that doctors have been examining bowels for decades, with imaging procedures and direct observation during surgery and endoscopy, and they have never found anything like “rope worms.” The fact that you “felt like there was a mass being squashed” does not mean there actually “was” a mass being squashed, other than your normal intestinal contents.

    • The Japanese gastroenterologist who designed the device for colon polyp removal, Hiromi Shinyata, claims he has performed 30,000 colonoscopies and that mucoid plaque” which the medical establishment does not accept as fact, exists.

  7. I can’t agree with this. I have been ill for almost two years and have spent over $10K on medical tests; endoscopy, barium GI, ultrasound, gall bladder scans, Hida scans etc. All of the tests showed “stool noted throughout the colon” and a narrowing at the Ileocecal valve. Then I started doing enemas and colonics because of this partial obstruction. The “stool noted throughout the colon” are the fecal stones and the problems are from the worms. TheY are real but something the US Govt is “hiding?” When I sent my stool samples to a US lab the result was Human Cells but I also sent them to Canadian & European labs and the result was UNKNOWN PARASITE.

  8. I have an answer for ya! They are the varying stages of the formation of mucoid plaque. Most people refer to these as ropes of impacted fecal matter – we’ve really only seen the worst side of them in any pics on the web….. until recently. They first pics I ever saw were several years ago – long black rubbery ropes that have all the twists and turns of the intestines and come out in one or a few pieces during or after a deep cleanse. Now it seems that since so many people are cleansing & paying attention to their stools we are witnessing the beginning and middle stages of the formation of the plaque, but no one seems to be making the connection. I’ve been passing these during cleanses for years. I’ve passed every stage, but not once did I think they were beings of any kind. Just the normal function of the intestines – which is to pass unneeded matter out of the body and protect the liver from what remains. Since not all matter is expelled with every bowel movement, and since we live in an age when there are more toxins than ever and we also have poor digestion, the intestines conveniently trap waste (particularly toxins, allergens) in mucosal lining, sort of like sausage in a casing, and that prevents that matter from being absorbed back into the blood stream and liver. However, we need to be passing this lining often, and most people don’t. So as it is repeatedly dehydrated as the last bit of water is removed from the colon, it hardens against the bowel walls. As more waste passes through, it grows in size as it traps in more and more matter, twisting and turning with the shape of the intestines as it grows and is repeatedly pushed up against the walls. And the process repeats. If a person does periodic cleansing or enemas, they are expelled. Then the process starts again, with the thin mucus as the beginning phase & the rubbery ropes as the final phase. There are varying phases of size and thickness in between. If you think about it – THE BODY IS AMAZING!!!! The fact that it performs this function is gorgeous. It’s not a parasite – it’s a blessing. Keep cleansing periodically. Keep flushing the old stagnant ling out. Your colon and liver will love you for it.

    • Whoever you are, Toni, I would like to know more about your thinking and experience re rope worms. I just found some in me for the first time three weeks ago. My experience in finding them AND my experience with the medical profession has been nightmarish, to say the least. From these experiences and from all I’ve read about the rope worm since leads me to believe that you are onto something. I hope that you read my reply and are willing to communicate with me more on this subject.

    • Toni thank you, I also have been passing these wormlike mucus collections. I started colon cleansing at a young age of 19 along with juice cleansing. I am now 42. I just recently started a new cleans and have found a lot of people speaking up on what they are finding in there colonic irrigations. I have had these for years showing up after a colon cleanse and have not thought anything about them. They never seem to be alive and moving. That would be an important discovery, but highly unlikely. I’m saddened that there is not more scientific imperial data to back any theories.
      Thank you for posting

  9. MD huh? And you’re referencing Quackfiles? You have any actual studies or experience on this besides using a Big Pharma propaganda website to back your claims?

  10. I believe this is worm alive, but whatever this is ,I want my body clean from this.

    I have photo the whole body (I called a head and tail).
    When I immersed it in a bottles contain water , from Feb to now they become disappear but have air bubbles in my bottle wall( some thing alive).
    When I immersed it in a mixture of milk and lemon juice, from Feb to now they become stuck still have a head and tail, but looks dead already (no air bubbles).
    After enema day 3: its out (with my naked eyes looks a rice grain white (2-3 mm), then when I magnifying it zoom 30 times look like an egg or a stage have a “mouth”, and the body have ripple (not smooth), then when I magnifying it zoom 60x (with simple magnifying) that mouth like a channel).
    I am not a biologist or a parasitologist….I just want out from my body. I don’t know where I contaminated this in the beginning, but I want I become healthy …
    Photos : I will send it but I want to hide that I have this embarrassing creature (sorry)…

    •’s me again,
      I said thank you to Prof Alex Volinsky and DR.Gubarev
      and special fhanks for you who create this web to share…
      Thank you also to DR.HULDA CLARK and DR.GERSON and others so many researcher with all they encourage and time for helping everybody understand about the parasite (Monster inside human),,,

      I had email you about my healthy history, about how my food habit before I start cooking at home ( consumed junk food everyday and chocolate bar everyday ……

      and now I still continue coffee enema even its surprise me day by day..
      remember about the “egg or casing or sack with 2 mouth channel ” ? (I don’t know what its) that I mentioned something about rice grain size had came out and sticked to the “rope worm head”? I feed them with little bit watermelon and in 1 day its comed out alot “channels ” around.
      Me now : still daylight fasting and continue fruit juice with pulp …

      And what make me surprise …
      my house and especially my toilet bowl is everyday CLEAN before we use it…and no any big ants inside my house…
      BUT I just wonder …why during coffee enema after 5-10 minutes at day 4 and last night day 5, I see an ants (big size) had came out in my toilet bowl (alive)….am I getting crazy or anybody have this experienced?
      I make sure and my husband also sure NO ANY CREATURE AT TOILET BOWL, MY TOILET ALWAYS CLEAN , NO ANY ANTS AROUND,,,,especially NO ANY BIG ANTS (size 7-8 mm , look like the size of fire ants).

      and other things came out : my tongue and around my mouth getting have yellowish layer (stringgy, a alot foamy) and I want to spit all the time…….(sorry)

      Please reply me , I am living at very remote area ….
      Please reply me through this email before you post for everyone…
      Did Prof Alex Volinsky also have mention about “ants had came out during enema?…alive ?

      You know, everybody told me that I am “SUPER CLEAN PERSON”, always wash my hands and all my food ingredients.
      But I did travelling a lot.

      I need your reply…

      • Your body is out of balance. Keep studying the Gerson book. You will learn. You need fresh masticated juices from carrots and apple ten times a day and green juices from lettuce and apple. The coffee enema could dehydrate you. But water is not your friend-juices (not the bottled kind).
        All the mucosal systems are inter connected, sinus, lungs, intestines. Heal one, you heal them all.
        Don’t be frightened of your body’s ability to heal, just patient. Search for understanding, it’s levels of learning. It can’t be forced. Seek self reliance.

    • This looks TOTALLY like what I used to have coming out over and over again. It seem that it would regrow after a week.

      I changed my diet to be as organic as possible, avoid wheat and dairy, do regular coffee enemas, take daily probiotics, drink green juice with large amounts of ginger several times a week … and no more.

      • Annie,

        Have you tried any anti parasitic herbs? What I have found out is there are more in you than you think! The herbs do as intended, killing unwanted things, and they begin to come out as they die off.


  11. I have expelled many ropes in various stages and I firmly believe the above pic is a rope worm before being a rope. This pic shows what I believe is another stage of a rope worm.

  12. Hi, just found this site and I’m sure this is what my son has and has had for couple years! My son has an intermittent catheter that I have to empty every 2hrs to empty bladder. He’s got bits floating every time, I was led to believe and still am that it’s sediment, normal!! The only thing I can’t accept is every time this so called sediment looks identical just maybe smaller or bigger and a mix. Anyway I zoomed in on this and took pictures they all have same body, head, tail everything but just different sizes! He also has this horrible poo that looks just like rope worm. He’s had it tested few times, always comes back normal. But it’s not normal and the smell is disgusting, like chemicals. I don’t know what to do, just need a doc to listen and look. They all just think I’m nuts I think! . Here are some pics. Never done this so hope it works ok

  13. I’ve had them for a few more than now. Some important things to make clear:
    I take diphenhydramine very heavily (150 – 250 mg daily)
    I’m a very stressed person (often having butterflies in my stomach* may be related)
    My diet is not what one would consider healthy (lots of processed foods)
    Soda included
    I also take pills that promote constipation
    All of that being said if ANY of these traits interlace with your own habits it’s important to let them be known. Whereas “rope worms” have no neuosystem, muscular system, or reproductive system it’s likely they are not living things. I’ve never seen any indication that they are alive. It’s unknown what the stomach can produce it shed under any given circumstances. They could even be an immuno response to an undiagnosed disease. Another theory that panders to the parasitic theory is they are a triggered response from a certain microb or bacterum that has invaded the body…I’m not convinced they are worms. It’s important for those effected to be candid about everything about them, otherwise we could be missing a reoccurring theme that will she’s objective light on the subject.

  14. I was diagnosed with Ulceritive Colitis 37 years ago. I have been tested for parasites numerous times and they always come back negative. It wasn’t until I went to an alternative doctor that did a Bioenergy test I was told I was packed full of parasites. I had a UVB with ozone and had all this mucous come out of me. After research I have come to many sites on rope worms. Can some one please advise the exact protocol to get ride of these rope worms. I am concerned since I also had a colonic and ended up in the hospital with colitis like systems that went away after a week. Since I have most likely have had the rope worms for 36 years once I get rid of them will I have internal bleeding. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks So Much!!

  15. I have thrown them up, my stomach was so bloated. But the beginning for me was first prolonged exposure to toxic mold both black and aspergellious thus knocking out my immune system, then came lesions all over mostly arms and shoulders, then the Morgellions I was having the symptoms of like having a glass splinter or fiberglass handling. Then the Morgellions cocoons my care giver at the time as she was wheeling me into Dr. Office said she could actually see them multiplying on the back of a brand new shirt. Then I did the apple cider and also diotmasious earth, then I was dosed heavily for a fungal ear infection with antibiotics which I always tried to avoid taking, so then of course I get staff infection in early along with pneumonia so more antibiotics then the cliff hit and hard, hospitalised and Iv of the most potent antibiotic started with the letter ‘V’and one other, Morgellions seemed to be gone then. This mind u is over a time of about two years . That’s about the time I started absolutely craving sugar. I mean like a pound in two weeks kind of crave. All this time I also notice lymph nodes so swollen u could see them visually popping up. Do doctors do anything about one thing I have said so far, no except make matters worse. Then my stomach started bloating, I am a small woman weighed about 100-105 I now weighed 139. Finally I just tell my new Dr. I have candida and without even testing me for it prescribed a three day treatment, I was also dousing myself with prebiotic and the craving for sugar reduced but not completely asked Dr. For longer treatment for candida also now taking a product for Parasites called PARATREX, after finished with candida started to feel better but pressure in stomach was so bad I made myself throw up. OMG the most horrific thing ever. It was very hard to get the gag reflux to bring anything up at first. Then it started it was so many I started choking on them, I had to wrap them around my hand like u would for yarn or something, tons of mucus, green, brown , and I am trying to gently pull so they wouldn’t break but I was pulling enough that their heads started coming up I was absolutely astonished at the size of there mouths which were covered in blood as my hands were to already. I mean I have no one, no friends where I just moved, no family, no one. I could not take a photo I was completely covered both hands by now just pulling more and more up. That day I lost 11lbs. I thru up 11lbs of worms, filled a gallon zip lock baggie. Well I thought that was the end, the next day my stool had some dead looking pieces. For a month I had relief ,even my lymph nodes were not as swollen. But then again with craving sugar began, before after candida I hadn’t had a drop of sugar or wanted any. Now back again, sugar, bloating, and now nausea I start throwing up really small amounts around a week ago, once again the pressure and pain are so bad try to make myself throw them up again. This whole time I was still taking the PARATREX, then I get pneumonia again, because I also have the mold issue going on, bone and disk degenerative disease, COPD, and other symptoms and problems because of mold. Just moved into a new low income sight unseen because I was desperate and it’s covered in black mold and aspergellious a whole 5×4 foot area under the water heater the colony was at least five inches thick. And now again the craving so I have candida again I know the signs now, and again the bloating starts. Tried to throw up but one is attached firmly between my esophagus and stomach opening. So next move is candida treatment again, that seemed to weaken them, either the lack of sugar or the candida itself is definitely one of the root interactions for worm infestation. The lymph nodes were also a factor in the process, so that is three of the two theories from the list. Mold may also be a factor, so many people don’t realize the harmful effects of mold. Right now that is my mission, is to raise awareness of the silent killer. The Dr’s are treating the symptoms of mold exposure then sending the patient straight back into the disease. My motto is, “YOUR HOME SHOULD BE YOUR HAVEN NOT YOUR COFFIN”. I will include photo of what I have thrown up so far today. I know it’s gross but it’s education too. Thank you for reading. If anyone would like to help with my mold campaign please email me at. [email protected]
    Keep up the fight friends and support each other as we can. The Dr’s will do nothing for us. I also believe that the toxic environment we live in these days is also a reason and a contributing factor for these new life forms. We are tearing down rainforest that have not seen humans what lurks in there we r not immune to, that includes even people going into caves and swimming thru small openings to larger caverns, what are they bring back to the Surface? Pesticides mixed with fungal and man-made substances for more effective, crops, yet at what risk to us is starting to rear it’s ugly head. Think about how long they kept the truth about ciggerets and cancer quiet. What other horrors are in the vaults.

  16. I’m 28 and have had these things in my urine for weeks I don’t know what to do. I w as doing construction past 5 year I quit the other day just can’t focus anymore. I think they are alive after recording them and taking pictures I kind of freaked out I will post see what you see..

  17. Every day these things come out of me with a coffee enema. I would sure know what to do to stop them from them being in there in the first place. I’m gonna try Fenbendazole again.

  18. Recently, this came out…
    Someone said it may be “plant based”… they do seem to ‘grow’ from the ‘fecal stone’ from the little “seeds”. Reminds me of something that would grow underwater.

  19. Recently, this came out…
    Someone said it may be “plant based”… they do seem to ‘grow’ from the ‘fecal stone’ from the little “seeds”. Reminds me of something that would grow underwater. …

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